........so good.


i like this video

this is old but i just watched it today so for those of u who havnt seen it enjoooyyyyyy.

i love the soup

i feel the same EXACT way


so i go to the car wash today to get my moms car washed for her. i go inside and right off the bat im bummed they only service ice cream and drinks in there. im starrrrvvviiinngggg. why wouldnt you have chips? anyway i pay and go sit down on these lovely couches they have provided. i look at the tv and "temptation" is on. temptation island you ask? no. temptation like a couples reality show you ask? no. a GAMESHOW. a sexy game show you ask? no. this was 3 older ladies and a guy host with a buncha crap in the backround like qvc. i come in right at the end of an episdoe and this lady one $3500. impressive. she either got to choose what she wanted from behind her which was.....a jukebox (cool!...not), a living room set, some diamonds, a CAR, and something else stupid. what does she pick ladies and gentlemen? the living room set......cause she "needs it". im like miss, you could take the car, sell it, and buy one $1000 more. so i was left confused on so many levels.....1, why she picked the living room set that looked like it was from target, 2, why this show was callled temptation 3, why they were almost flirting?

so just my luck, another episode comes on. and i actually was excited because i seriously didnt understand what just happened. so it starts up blady blah, 3 older ladies appear in jeopardy form. the start off the round with questions about pop culture. he asks the first question and the oldest lady chims in he says her name she says "um...uh..i....." ........ok...... danielle.......right on to the next. Lady, dont press the buzzer if you dont have an answer. i think thats pretty well known to everyone whose ever watched a game show. the round goes on they all win like 30 bucks and then at the end the lady with the most money gets to choose whether to take the bargin theyre about to show her or not. the bargin was like 20 pairs of UGLY shoes. 7 of them were haveanas ( i think those cost like $10 and theyre cheap anyway)....which they also went on to describe one as having these like, super rare rhinestones on them....i dont buy it. they then say "and 2 pairs of wonderful ugg slippers".......folks....these were from the 99 cent store....they were furry and pink and blue. and you know what? she took this deal worth "$849". wow. moving on.....they next had to say whether a song was whitney houston or mariah carey. i have to admit that this is challenging. old lady at it again! hits the buzzer to a really obvious whitney houston song and says "mariah carey" ....no.... ok lady if ur not gonna know whats going on in the world why r u on this show....i mean thank god u are kinda. but still.....so she ended up winning the next round in which it was "whos younger then demi moore" and there was a list of guys....also challenging. her "bargin" was an ipod, iphone , and dock/alarm clock for 15 bucks. wtf? so crazy. she took it. good job....at least u did something right.

at this point i felt like my car was done and went outside but it wasnt so i just stood out there so i didnt see how it ended so sorry theres no closure. but im sure u can guess the rest.

now im going to eat my lunch. if anyone is in the greater simi valley area you need to try steak and hoagie...its the best. ;)

healthy alternatives

ive been reading lately about how dairy isnt as good for you as everyone thought. milk depleats ur iron, and broccoli has more calcium that milk. cheese is just plain bad for you, and eggs are 70% fat. blahblah so if any of you are interested here are substitutes for milk, cheese, and butter. they all taste suprisingly good, ive tried them personally. the key to trying these things out is KNOWING its not going to taste like cheese, or milk.....you have to think of it as what it is... an ALTERNATIVE. think about replacing it and if it would satisfy the flavoring thats supposed to be there. if that makes sense.

i havent tried this rice one, ive only tried the almond cheese, but this is the only picture i could find close to it. same company and flavor just almonds not rice. i heard the jalapeno jack is the only one that honestly tastes like cheese.....and ive heard right. (havent tried other flavors tho) no GMOS (genetically modified organism), no aritficial flavors or ingreidents. my kind of cheese.

same issue, couldnt find the picture of the one in my fridge but i BELIEVE its the same maker. it tastes like "i cant believe its not butter." this is also a healthy substitute, theres no weird chemicals or anyting like margerine, no trans or saturated fat.

use this when you cook. it is canola oil that is compressed and added with natrual butter flavor. its so good that when i make pancakes and french toast i dont even add butter. thats crazy talk!
here are the ingredients.....

Expeller Pressed Refined High Monounsaturate Canola Oil, Soy Lecithin, Propellant (no chlorofluorocarbons).

heres the website for further products:

i know youve all seen this commercial and prolly think soy milk is sick, but honestly this is the best tasting one to me AND its organic. its hard to come around organic soy anything because its so heavily processed. so take advantage. the key to trying all these things out is

things i hate

when u turn on the tv, bring up the guide and realize that its either _:15 or _:45

what time slot do you choose?!

stress i dont need.



well we are back from coachella. it was a good weekend. first on friday we did the video shoot.....7am-8pm. thats right folks, 13 hours. it was a long day but so fun. and we even got paid after we were done. right there. so awesome. thanks bff for hookin that up!

christian and pauly picked up me and craig from the shoot and onward we went to pick up christian#2. after this we headed out. got to "the lodge" aka travelodge, checked in, got ready and went to the music loves fashion party. here we partook in open bar provided by belvedere. got drunk, went to dennys, went back and slept.

day 2: woke up, i didnt sleep cause all i had was a sheet, got ready, bounced. ate at elmers, aka we became the regulars by sunday, then proceeded to the anthem party. when we pulled up and parked in a dirt/dessert parking lot i joke to christian#2 and criag "watch out for rattle snakes!" they get scared i say jk, we laugh, yadda yadda. we get out and were walking then we realize the bush next to us is rattleing slash hissing. apparently im psychic. we take a "detour" which somewhat takes us into more desserty area which seems to be a worse idea but we made it. then we were outside for 10 min waiting for the cops to finish a "walk through". i was on the verge of passing out it was so RIDICULOUSLY hot. finally russ comes outside and of couse, is magical, and we get right in. so we go in and let me tell u this shit was bananas. were talking a station to get ur nails done, open bar with izze to acompany vodka, a donkey in which u could take pictures with (he was hating life poor donkey), free food-catered, le sport sac gift bags, a pool with tons of floating devices and rafts for your pleasure, and some fine tunes to enjoy while u partake in any of these events. basically we went swimming then got drunk, went home, ate at la casita, then off to horizon once again. we were waiting outside cause it was all hectic and the security guard had his shit memorized "have ur id's ready, if you dont have em, u cant get in, even if ur on the guest list". .......ladies and gentlemen we heard this more than 20 times...same voice, tone, melody, words everything. please put some variety in your saying if ur gonna say it that much....... as we walked into the party i was welcomed with someone screaming my name. of course, it was sarah morrison sitting on the ground next to the bar. super excited, i run over and sit with her. i end up there for about an hour we talk about such things as, "chanelles guide to having fun/surviving in the heat" , the real world coachella senior citizen edition, in which everyone falls asleep every 5 min because its too much (based off where sarah is staying and the people she is staying with), and anxiety issues in which we both face. while we were sitting next to the bar some guys walk past us after they get their drinks and one of them spills a little bit on my arm. i wipe it off and keep listening to sarah, no big deal it wasnt alot. they start bitching about how stupid it is that we were sitting there and how were in the way, then they see were not paying attention so they throw out "someone could spill ALCOHOL on ur BLACKBERRY" we still ignore them , they get flustered and walk away. alright buddy i dont know what YOUR mad about because u spilled UR drink on me, so if anything i should be mad, for 2, u didnt even run into us and were not even in the way. we blame it on the heat then move on. after this i meet up with craig, we talk about how tired we are then we were talking about people being wusses, so we quicky started drinking because we didnt want to fall in this category. we get a drink and i forget to get christian one i come back and joke "oh the bars closed i couldnt get u anything" we laugh and i go back to get him a drink.....when i get to the front...... "were sorry, were done". apparently im psychic. after this we get jack in the box and go home and sleepy time.

notice me and liz in the backround

day 3: wake up, check out, get some elmers (the crepes were divine) and one of the older ladies working there comes up to craig and asks...."are you.....wait..." and im thinking who could she be thinking about? cause craig just looks like craig. maybe sam jackson? idk. she proceeds " are you prince?" we pause........laugh. then she says "i was watching him on the TUBE and i loved this song and was wondering what it was ever since." ............ive never left a place so confused. after this shenanigan we head back to the anthem party.......i was a little bummed we didnt "party hop" more but the anthem was good enough. we get there, and its more chill this time, a little bit less people and DOPE music cause people from DFA were spinning. we get in the pool of course, get our drinks yaddayadda, then dan decides to let us know that people got staff infections from this pool. hearing this i tell liz and craig (we were all three floating together in the pool) no one really gets it so i just jet. im sorry folks but i do NOT want to mess with that. at this point it was everyone for themselves. i was out of that pool faster than u could say staff infection. liz was left confused and i dont think that craig even knew what hit him. he was chillin in that floaty island/palm tree device. i get out , liz pulls craig to the side of the pool, i GLANCE away, look back, and craig is back in the middle of the pool....just having a grand time. im like CRAIG GET OVER HERE! UR LIFE IS IN DANGER! ok maybe i didnt say that but something around those lines. so we all get out, christian goes as far as to rinse off in the sink. i quickly forget and proceed to get more drinks. at this point our eye is directed to a TANKED asian girl. this girl can not STAND. she straight up collapses people crowd around and i believe someone went to get some help. she gets up, stumbles around and jumps in the pool. her friend jumped in after and saved her. she gets out and runs to the bathroom puking. folks, if we are going to party and have open bar , lets not kill ourselves. thank you. after this we are all drunk and laying around then all of a sudden someone comes on the mic to say "the mayor is coming with squad cars because we got complaints from the neighbors. its now a self serve bar, u dont have to leave, sorry there will be no music, have a good day" .......................ummmmmmm.......................lets talk about this. 1, the MAYOR?! im convinced he just wanted to party. 2, SELF SERVICE BAR?! aka riots?! 3d, im sad i didnt grab a bottle on the way out, maybe some izze too. anyway, we leave, we go eat at spagettia and head out. i was falling asleep the whole ride home and we went to bed at 11.

kevins debut.......the password is pepper if u want to get into that clubhouse.


-seeing people i miss

-oh wow!

-ghetto being the new n word.


-nick vic saying "i dont even remember parts of my sentences"

-russ loosing his hat when he didnt wear one.

-liz's drunken pin giving.

-dan shouting out my blog url during the party.

-how i put telepathic instead of psychic. thanks kevin.

-me and liz getting drinks on the pool side of the bar from a bar back even tho we werent allowed.

if i havent lost ur interest by this point, those all the pictures i can handle for now. maybe ill add some later. whew. that was work.

thanks for reading kloveyoubye.

(photo cred: lastnightsparty.com, thecobrasnake.com, and nick vic's camera)



OMG these past few days have been PSYCHO!

shooting a video tomorrow then coachella!

updates when i get back!



quote of the day

"does it look like ive been to a ranch before?..........! ive had ranch dressing"

-tanisha from the bad girls club


everyone please invest.

my dreams are weird

i had a dream i went to jail because of speeding. jail was in a yard and it was a huge gated area on the grass and people were seperated by gates also. i was in a gate with 4 other people. i snuck my cell phone in and tried to think of how to contact my mom and let her know im in jail and to not freak out. the guard let me get away with having my phone in there and i was happy.

then it transfered to christian throwing up apples. i came in the bathroom and i said "r u ok?" and he said "yah im just throwing up those apples" and i was like ok.... then woke up.

i woke up and was confused.

the end.


i want

i want this hat

and this is humorous.

i have weird dreams.

so last night i had a dream that i was good friends with perezhilton, and i went to his house and met madonna. i thought she was super nice but she had beetlejuice makeup on all over her head and face and i thought it was weird. i met some other people too but i forgot who. then he invited me to some awards show or dinner or something and the end.

today i went to an audition for some movie.....hope i make it to the call back...everyone wish me luck! haha

this weekend in the life of chanelle......

on friday i felt like CRAP all day ....stayed in bed till 1, made pancakes with a side of peaches, then transfered my body to the couch, then transfered my body to in n out at about 3, finally got ready at 6 and went to pick up christian. we had a little "date night" and saw joel mchale (the host of the soup) at the improv.

so we get there and were standing in line and this jewish couple in front of us can not stop looking at us and it was really akward cause we were like looking right back at them cause they were in front of us so there was nothing else to look at? anyway, we get in the second line, blahblah get inside, its so cute inside and every seat is a good one. we got spinach artichoke dip and chicken fingers along with a "sex on the stage" and a jack on the rocks. the sex on the stage did NOTHING. i think thats my new pet peeve.......weak drinks. like wtf?! what is the purpose, its just room in ur stomach that could be filled with strong ones. ANYWAY, enough of that. so little did we know dr drew was in front of us, along with his cute wife. all the comedians were HILARIOUS. joel mchale was amazing i was laughing THE WHOLE TIME. he is so charismatic and funny i want to be his best friend...i think wed get along just great. i met him after and he yelled at me for not having my camera. but gave me one of those cheek to cheek kiss things. me and christian then go home, and by that point my face was POUNDING. (sinus issues...it runs in the fam...unfortunately)

i decide its a good idea to get drinks with jamie at candlelight. i figure i might as well try to fight it and go have a good time. so we get there, sit at the bar.....which is the WORST place to sit at candlelight with 2 girls. YOU ARE BLOOD IN SHARK INFESTED WATER. so we sat there got some drinks......you see, my friend jamie just thad throat surgery and in order for it to heal properly she cant talk for two weeks. so the highlight of my night was watching guy after guy come up to her and then get offended that shes not talking in return to them. she leaves (thanks for that) to go get something therefore im sitting there by myself for a bit, the guy sitting next to her thinks its the PERFECT oppertunity to talk to me. hes like "so your drinking water" (in which i was because my face was in excrutiating pain) and i say "yes." hes like "me too, sober driver" my mood changes to impressed and im like "wow thats awesome good for u!" (kinda suprised theres someone responsible in simi valley) and hes goes "yah, i got two dui's....." annnnnnnnnnd thats where i stopped listening.

this guy sits next to me, i kinda brush him off, then realize hes nice and we start talking. you see people, i dont mind talking to guys when theyre not creepy and when they just want to have a casual conversation....it just never happens so i dont....anyway, were talking for a while and i was again, really impressed with how awesome this guy was, he really just wanted to talk. so im telling him about the mojito bar outside and he replies with "im sorry i didnt hear what u were saying cause i was starring in ur eyes." everybody: booooooooooooooooo. and strike out. my cue to leave. that was after i told him i had a boyfriend too.

ending the night was me on the verge of throwing up because my sinuses were that bad. worst ive ever had it by far.

today we start the day off by eating at 4 n 20 off laurel, (which is my favorite place to start the day) with craig, then get coffee, then to the wesc sale. woo! me and christian got 3 pairs of jeans and 3 shirts. woo! so excited.

tomorrow....audition...i really think im going to go this time ladies and gentlemen. and then who knows. thanks for listening to this really long drawn out post with no visual stimulation. aka pictures. loveubye.


kings game

a week or so ago me and keisha attended the kings game. basically it consisted of drinking rum out of a to-go coffee thermas, mojitos, and in n out. oh ya and the hockey game. which was exciting. heres some pics

the end. (pics via keishas camera)



you may skim if need be.


this is my favorite ad on myspace right now

and right next to this picture it says



scary time

so im walking to my car and i see these huge moth. gross. i get in the car and reach over to pull my hair back and i feel a bug body. EWEWEWEWEW! (i hate that im creeped out by bugs cause its annoying when girls are all squealing and what not but i have to admit that i am the same) so were already in the car when this happens, i get out and shake my hair and body and sweatshirt and everything, get back in, get myself together, and drive off. in the middle of our drive to get greek food it appears on the windshield. i scream repetitively, pull over on the side of a main road, and get out. christian flicks it out. i havent stopped thinking about it since. you know what the worst part is? the bug smelled. thats right people, when we were in the car it smelled like bug. i cant describe what that is, u kinda just have to smell it, but all u have to know is IT SMELLED. how the H-E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK do bugs smell? i was convinced it was poisonous and i almost lost my life.

i still cant get over that a bug smelled. christian even said he smelled it too! wtf?

sad news: christians now sick and its definitely my fault. =(

quote of the day

"you wanna know if i can kick ur ass? check my record."

-chick from miss rap supreme



i desided to do a cleanse.

For a minimum of 10 days, you drink only the lemonade mixture, made with organic grade B maple syrup, fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice, and cayenne pepper added to spring, distilled, or purified (NOT fluoridated) water.

im not looking forward to these symptoms:

Cravings — Only 1 person in 4 experiences any hunger on this cleanse and drinking more lemonade or water handles usually handles that. I have, however, observed that people on the cleanse crave what they are detoxifying. Proof that this is true is that the cravings usually go away the next morning with bowel movements. You can crave anything when detoxifying, but most likely you will experience cravings for the most toxic foods, such as pizza, hamburgers, barbeque ribs, etc. The way to tell if it's a craving rather than true hunger is to imagine sitting down to a large, green salad. If that inspires you, you're hungary. If all you want is pizza; if that is all you can think about; then, you're experiencing a craving.
Tiredness — When your body fights toxins, whether from detoxifying or an infection, it diverts energy into healing and away from the energy you use to work and play. On my first 20 day cleanse, I was not tired except on the fifteenth day. The next morning, I experienced heat in my bowel movements, an indication that acidic toxins were being eliminated. I also lost all sense of tiredness after that morning's eliminations.
Irritability — This includes boredom and the desire to "just chew something solid".
Physical aches, pains, nausea, vomiting, etc. — These are the most severe reactions and only occur where a person is severely toxic, only a small percentage of people experience these. Fortunately, these have gone away after only a day or two in every case I have heard about.
Hot bowel movements — Your body wastes are acidic and when you eliminate the most toxic ones, they actually feel anywhere from warm to burning. This experience is very infrequent, but worth mentioning because hot bowel movements after a day of heavy detox symptoms will confirm that you just eliminated significant toxins.

i desided that im going to do this after coachella seeing as tho ill prolly eat like crap there which would defeat the purpose. i also decided ill shoot for the 10 days but stop early if i cant handle it. minimum 3 days.

can we talk about today?

yes we can. so today im sick still. was supposed to go to some auditions then didnt, worked for my mom gonna make dinner etc. so i went to go get dog food and this older lady was at the cash register. at the place we go they have a frequent buyer card, theres 10 lines on this card in which the employee writes down the type of dog food and date, the eleventh one is free. so as im buying our two bags the lady looks at the card and sees that the #7 position is half written. she goes "hmm?" then fills in todays date and fills out the #8 line. i say "isnt there supposed to be one more filled out?" and she replies with "well i dont know what the other person did? i dont know! i just dont know!" ok, for one, obviously i purchased a bag and then they didnt finish filling it out, otherwise it would be crossed out. so then she says "lets check on the computer............oh yup. u did purchase one last month. good thing we checked!" im like ummmm u mean good thing i mentioned something? i cant believe 1, she doubted me and didnt check in the first place and 2, wouldnt just give it to me! wtf?! oh yah, and she was wearing a big dog sleeveless shirt.

in other news a grandma almost hit me with her car in the trader joes parking lot (dont get me started on senior citizens and drivers licenses), i definitely had coffee when i shoulda had tea.....(i just cant kick the habit, i love my coffee too much), and i had really good hummus.

rest of the night: laying down hoping i get better

tomorrow: a round of golf. (if i feel ok)

just saying...

taco bell now has bacon and im offended.


i died for 5 min after i watched this, then came back to life to post it. (only the bad quality one had an embeded so sorry it kinda sucks.


i hate 97 degrees.

can we talk about this heat? i hate it more than anything. is it necessary for it to be this hot in the atmosphere? what does this do besides kill things and make me mad? it certainly doesnt benefit anything. if someone knows please inform me.

we went golfing today, and i was super excited about having christian learn and us having this great time together but what happened? IT WAS 97 DEGREES OUTSIDE! wtf?! its APRIL. i couldnt even stand still, it was so hot. then on top of that there was 3 tournaments and a sorority formal going on INSIDE. thats right people. meaning that.......im about to die of heat exhastion and as soon as i go inside theres no where to sit. i sat on a bar stool next to laura while she was bartending. (all the tables and chairs were moved into the pro shop where a little bar was also set up. it was very smushed and weird) while she was bartending, people were making her run back and forth between rooms therefore all the drunken, sweaty, sunburnt, older men kept asking me for beer, and i had to say, way too many times, "oh , i dont work here" (by the way, let me mention, that i was wearing this crazy ass neon top, gingham shorts, chanel glasses, a headband, and 2 different vans......does that look like some sort of uniform?) on top of this people were stealing and helping themselves. god bless laura, she told this man " you need to ask me and ill get it." i was like "yah!" after all that mess i got some fries and we went home.

oh yah, i accidentally squished a bug on my shin and the guts still remain.

i went to my grandparents and brought them food. i asked my grandpa to make me hot chocolate and he was so stoked. it was so cute! it kinda made my day, as well as his im sure.

random time:

in other news amber winning rock of love? REALLY?! didnt expect that one.

in other, other news, im really glad snl is back in action. russ and liz came over last night and we had wine and watched snl. aka we got 40 with it. (40 years old that is) its seriously so funny again. TIVO.

tomorrow.....audition and working. oh yah and im sick, so lets hope that goes away. k byes.



why would you get this? but thank god you did.


fashion post

so whenever i look for clothes online im sorry to say i never go "underground" searching. i always feel like i let people down when i post about clothes and theyre from urbanoutfitters.com or forever21.com. im sorry but, it requires WAY too much work to search for vintage clothes online in my opinion. and i dont know how to work ebay so dont even try suggesting that. i feel that going to a vintage store or good will gives u the advantage of trying it on and making sure it fits and is what u want. To be honest i enjoy the 4 hour search it takes me to go through a single good will. i feel like ive earned those amazing clothes i just purchased, and i didnt pay shipping and handling.

with that being said, i found these AMAZING shoes below on stevemadden.com. i LOVE steve madden. good quality and amazing unique styles.

first off let me say, i am a VERY proud owner of these.

ive never been a fan of these type of sandals, all strappy and jesus looking but im into them now and i want these. maybe another pair more fancy also. (these are from delias.com)

and i want all of these shoes

clothing section: i want all of these items of clothing. urbanoufitters always amazes me with girls clothing. sometiems theyre a little behind, but usually they got some good stuff. i always find more online then the stores which sucks with the discount (you online get 25% online, and 40% off in the store)

the end.

i like dis.

this video is of mary kate and ashley olsens clothing line "the row" its a really good video and realllllyyy cuuuuuuute clothes. i think im a couple years late cause it was posted a while ago but better late then never eh?

(sorry its all low quality and pixelated)



lets start off with the weekend. me and christian had a quality time weekend, in which case we spent every waking moment together sat-sun and it was fun. we took the dogs to the dog park....fafi was running around with all the other dogs...it was like kindergarden. we had a pitcher of sangria at limon grilll while watching the live band......i had 3 glasses and nothing happened. u know that is weak if ive had 3 and NOTHING....AND there was no fruit in it...PSSSHHH... we saw 21....it was ok had some issues with it. and we got coffee and nachos. good weekend.

sunday night laura and jamie came over....first hang out in 3 years. impressive.

monday took dance

tuesday we all went golfing. yup thats right......golfing. laura hooked it up PHAT and we went for frees and got drunk for frees and played some more. woo!

wed saw the futhermuckers performance for some record people which was AWESOME. they did AMAZING. i felt like i was watching my own children i got teary eyed. then we took class and had a grand ol' time. woo!

today i took my grandpa to the veterans hospital again to get his hearing checked. man, was that a hoot. first we went into this like underground chamber in which i thought maybe the dr was going to take us hostage. then i caught on that it was impressively quiet in there and that is why it looks like a captive chamber. he had to do an exercise in which he told her when he could hear the beeping noise in his headphones. let me tell u people, i heard the beep loud and clear more than once and he did not say a word. he also did another exsersise where a recording said words and he would say back what he hears. heres a sampler of what he said.

recording-my grandpa
tool- care

the reason i know the words is because i could hear them through his headphones.

later today....going away partyy with laura, glasses shopping with kyle, and rest. the end.

in action

in loooooove.




watching this video...i felt a burning feeling in my stomach and realised it was anger.

1-janet u dress the same as u did in 2000. please keep up with the times.
2-janet your choreography is the same as your choreography in 2000 please keep up with the times.
3-madonna you cant dance what happened?
4-madonna, quite frankly, im sick of your voice. your 50....throw in the towel.
5- both have AWFUL special effects and concepts.
6-i actually feel BAD for justin timberlake to be apart of this song and video...madonna looks amateur.
7-madonnas body is amazing....come to find out there was alot of retouching. bleh.
8-madonnas song sucks
9- janets song is amazing (i know its old)
10-nice mash up tho.

thank you.


just saying.....

i hate how mariah carey references you tube in her new song.



new kids on the block all growed up. so weird.

(perezhilton.com.....even tho alot of people read it already and have seen the things i post from there i still like to discuss.....just throwing it out there.)

my mom said "fuck you" to me. HAH.

its only 2 pm and so many things have happened today.

lets start back from last night, me and jamie went to fridays to catsup. well originally starbucks but it closed at 11 and seeing as tho we got there at 10:45 we didnt have much time so we treked to fridays. were talking and stuff and this girl is WASTED. she had a messy bun, boobs popping out, super pale, tattoo on the boob, some weird capris, heels, and a guy sweatshirt on. i swear she was doing laps around the bar and bumping into all the chairs as she walked by. sweetie, i understand ur too drunk to sit but take your laps elsewhere please. ur outfit is not pleasing to look at repetively.

so i get home, we go to bed, im laying awake watching the ex effect, and that show is so brutal. i know its fake but they just really push the limits there haha. ANYWAY, i turn over to try to sleep and i see my phone blinked red (the best blink in the world because it means someone loves u) so i check it and its mike saying "omg i have a story for u" i contemplated if i wanted to hear it because, like i said i was trying to go to sleep. so i did, hahaha, and so basically a drunk girl was hitting on his friends and then proceeded to come into the car with them and she asked for a ride home. our friend stacy who was driving asked "where do u live sweetie?" and she says " are you making fun of me?!" and mike says "girlfriend, shes trying to find out where u live!" and she goes "boyfriend! your a bitch!" so then his sister socks her, kicks her out of the car and they both beat her up. goodnight chanelle sweet dreams.

im talking to curly today and he tells me how one time when he was at city walk he saw a circle of black guys and got excited and went to the front and center of the circle because he thought they were gonna breakdance! all of a sudden they start fighting and his friend had to pull him out of the center. im laughing because thats just plain hilarious...this one latino boy in the middle of all these black guys just stoked and ready for a show. and then he says "i didnt know! they were at the part where people usually perform! under king kong!" i never knew there was a performance area.

finally im in cvs waiting in line to pick up my moms pills, i look to my right and see a little container that looks like mints that says "one" i read the package and realize theyre condoms. i continue to read the motto and it says "so soft and smooth its like second skin" ............i think to myself...."you mean uncircumcised?".............i think its time for a new motto.

im hoping the day continues on this path because this is more exciting then watching a circle of black guys break dance.


in love

i admit...i watch the hills. i understand its fake and theyre acting sucks REALLY BAD but if i had a reality show i would want it to be like that. not fake but hooking me up with jobs, being able to attend one class a quarter at fidm, prolly getting free drinks at wherever u party, going out to eat all day etc etc. ANYWAY! on last nights episode they featured the designers sass&bide and im OBSESSED. theyre pretty amazing. heres some stuff