if u watch top chef, then ur prolly sad that spike didnt make it to the final four. if ur not then ur not awesome. spike was so talented and not to mention greek. lesbot lisa shoulda left about 6 episodes ago. they got rid of so many people, and she was on the bottom every week.



go to this! bring ur babies, grandmas, dads, and kid sisters.

universal lofts

theyre building these dope downtown style lofts off the 101 and they look amazing. im not too sure if i like the location yet but im sold by the pictures. (the pictures are a mix of a couple different floor plans.) not too sure on the price but im sure its ridiculous.


pico is so cute.

quote of the day

christian: ill call you back, im not listening.

-christian talking to his sister on the phone.


i hate graduations. but christians sisters was quite a treat. heres the highlights.

- people standing in the middle of the street while waiting in line. take the line to the sidewalk folks.
-i definitely called the gowns ponchos.
-they had an irish band? idk if thats the proper name but there were bag pipes. not to mention they mysteriously got to the other side of the field within seconds. laura called them irish ninjas.
- the band played a remix of the graduation song. meaning it would trade off between the graduation song and cartoon music.
-there was a man with a red cup in front of me. red cup= alcoholic beverage. awesome.
-the graduates just walked to the seats...no line...nothing. just walked.
-as soon as one of the graduated got to his seat he stood up and said "MOM!!"
-Christian: i see my sister
chanelle: where
christian: next to the tall guy on the end.
chanelle: theres alot of those.
christian: right there, next to the bald guy
chanelle: theyre all wearing hats.
christian: hes wearing black
chanelle: theyre all wearing gowns.
christian gave up.
-i ask christian if his sister had ever been to a football game he replies with "yah she was in one"
-the chorus was singing the star spangled banner and christian leans over and says "ive never heard the extended version"
-i say how i havent said the pledge of allegience in years. christian informs me he says it everyday.
-the school specializes in mathamatics, cheer, and robotics?? me and christian started to do the robot in honor of robotics.
-they offer equestrian-ism there?
-there was a boy named jeffery poon.
-there was a girl names yu shark yu.

oh how i hate mcdonalds

can we talk about mcdonalds new "chicken sandwiches" for breakfast and lunch/dinner?

breakfast chicken sandwich: chicken and a biscuit.

lunch/dinner: chicken, pickles, bun

does this sound good to ANYONE? who thought of these sandwiches? they must be the most bland sandwiches ive ever seen. chicken pickles and buns?! why is that good? and PICKLES?! REALLY?!?!?!

and dont even get me started how the sandwich is considered "breakfast" because theres a biscuit apart of it. chicken and biscuit. sounds like breakfast to me! thats what i make myself every morning! what a balanced BREAKFAST.

try again mcdonalds u failed.

hah hah

my friend/brother guynemer LOVES fantastic four. before the first movie came out we went to the alleys downtown and he found a dvd of fantastic four. he was ECSTATIC! hes was stoked cause he was gonna see it before it even came out, and he got it for like 2 bucks. awesome.

i get a call about 5 hours later and it is him.

"this is the 1985 version. im so pissed."

lesson to all.......dont get bootleg shit from the alleys. thank you.


Premium Steaks Make for Premium Cookouts

Summer is just around the corner, and nothing says family fun more than a sizzling steak on the grill. Every Genuine Steakhouse Brand™ steak is cut for optimal tenderness. From strips to ribeye, you can count on Genuine Steakhouse Brand for delicious, flavorful cuts of meat that grill up right every time.

Genuine Steakhouse Brand is a great choice for your family — their beef cuts are bursting with flavor and provide many of the nutrients your body needs.

Wal-Mart is committed to the freshest quality steak — love it or get your money back. All Genuine Steakhouse Brand steaks are 100% guaranteed fresh.* USDA Choice and Select cuts are perfect for summer evenings in the back yard, and the Black Angus line is perfect for the times when only the best will do. And at Wal-Mart’s unbeatable pricing, you won’t need to wait for a special occasion to grill up restaurant-quality steak.

im utterly offended. walmart has STEAKS?! WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY?????? red meat is not so good for u anyway, but red meat from WALMART?! who KNOWS what they put in that shit or where they get it from. and my favorite part is like it or get ur money back? "hi i didnt like it that much" "ok perfect heres ur 8$ back. thanks" cant they do that anytime they want? how are they to tell if it was really good or not? how can they tell when they actually ate them? ewewewewew. it never once says, free range, grass fed, no antibiotics.... nope. nothing. just that it gives u nutrients ur body NEEDS. cool.

thanks walmart for making me puke and america more unhealthy.

everybody know what time it is?? TOOL TIME!

lately home improvement has been on nick at night all night every night. i dont mind that show, and its really funny sometimes, but what really makes me laugh is how they put trucker hats that say "tool time" on the sudio audience members just to show that they are the studio audience of "tool time". couldnt they just be their normal self an STILL be a studio audience? i mean they are a REAL studio audience? and the best part is they all look so stupid in those hats....they never fit them, and theyre like to the side weird or something like they just threw it on really fast. they mostly look retarded on the random women. and lastly, when they pan to the "tool time studio audience" theyre always all grinning really big. why? i think its cause they know they look stupid in those tool time trucker hats.

i tried really hard to find a picture of all of this but there was nothing, therefore u just have to watch and see for yourself. not that u could miss it its on constantly.





post coming tomorrow i promise!

another hectic day! ugh!

thanks for checkingloveyoubye.



its been a stressful/emotional/anxiety filled night slash day...which has continued onto a sinus issue aka my face is throbbing.

updates soon.

thank you for checking in iloveyou


i love interactive promotions

my friend sarah blogs for missbehavemag.com. i was reading it today and i came across this amazing post.


you can "login" to carrie bradshaws computer.

so fun!


i love google

i was trying to find this sunglasses i got this weekend to show you all. they were the ones brandon walsh was wearing in the opening credits of 90210 so i googles "90210 brandon opening credits sunglasses" or somethign around those lines.

heres what showed up

brandon roberts

and this.....(kinda small i know)


i might be a little late.....

but i LOVE american boy. i heard it about a month or two ago....which i think is STILL too late. but i love it and i dont care how late i am.

i like a couple more songs on the cd but i need to listen to it more.


panera bread


i walked in once cause it was new in simi and i was excited. the decor was not inviting and it looked exactly like a corner bakery deal, so im like WACK nothing new. never went back.

then today my friend lacy told me about how she had a bomb sandwich there today so i decided to look at the menu and i found something awesome.

Turkey Artichoke
Smoked turkey, spinach artichoke spread, Asiago-Parmesan cheese, tomatoes & caramelized onions, grilled hot on our Focaccia.

along with...

Field greens, romaine, walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese, Mandarin oranges and all-natural, fat-free raspberry dressing.

yum right? well let me just tell you they forgot to mention that the spinach artichoke spread INCLUDED the caramelized onions which were chopped? arent they usually in slivers or something? and the spread was more like a paste. eh. overall i give it a 6 out of 10.

moving on to the salad, the dressing tasted like syrup. and the walnuts were in little squares. why? why cant we put them how they come?

panera bread is gross. 6 out of 10 from me. the french onion soup was pretty descent tho ill give them that. the end.


fashion post

i realized all these things are kinda native american ish. so well just pretend that thats my theme right now. regardless i want all of these. ps i hate how forever21.com will have pictures of girls in really cute clothes and they are no where to be found. the one of the girl below with the glasses on and the REALLY CUTE top is that one. booo forever21.com and false advirtising.

(forever21.com, kidviskous.com, urbanoutfitters.com)

bad tees

i hate when people go OVERLOAD with graphic tees. delias.com is the worst for this. they have WAY too many of these and theyve obviously run out of ideas. here are my favorite bad tees.


i want

im really into the strappy sandals right now (who isnt, theyre everywhere), and since i dont have any im on the market to get some. iwantiwantiwant.

favorite magazines

althought i dont call myself a "vegetarian" i pretty much am one just not a strict one. vegetarian or not this magazine is really informative on healthier ways of eating, eco friendly living, and simply healthy dishes that dont need meat.

this one is pretty obvious. this one has to be my favorite magazine. never have i seen a magazine so ontop of the fashion scene as a whole. underground, mainstream u name it they have something for everyone in there. i always find clothes i want and NEEEEEED. not to mention theyre ontop of their music, and art also. i also suggest if ur bored to purchase this magazine , go page by page and look up the each designer u come across' website. so awesome. itll really expand ur knowledge of fashion and fashion designers. ok ill stop.

i made thanksgiving dinner this year and this was my guide. this magazine has AMAZING recipes, that are easy and sooooooo good! highly recommended. definitely my favorite cooking magzine.

also a fashion magazine, really good, amazing photo shoots. they are also on top of their art, music, and accessories, as well as stores around the world that have clothes for ur purchasing pleasure.

things i want

this is a french press. im not too sure on how it works but all i know is it makes an amazing cup of coffee which is why i want it. i was reading an article in this months bon appetit, and they were interviewing a guy thats an expert at coffee and he said that this was the best cup of coffee compared to any other deviced used. so i will take his word for it. therefore i want it.

i hope to move out soon and when i do i plan on going to farmers markets to get my vegetables. in this case the "hook and go" is perfect for em and can hold up to 60 lbs. or something. awesome!

oc x 2

last night we were in the oc.....AGAIN. im kinda sick of that place already. regardless....it was a good time. it was me, craig, laura, christian, christian, nick vic, kyle and russ. we got there and the bar was a plaza. i tried not to get scared cause safari sams is also in a plaza and that venues pretty good. lets just get to the highlights please.

-ordering two cran vodkas and getting a cran vodka and a cosmo????
-pronouncing vodka....vokka
-a girl dancing on stage in which i was wondering if she was hired, later to find out in the bathrooom that she was wearing a tmobile polo rolled up....not for her own pleasure...she definitely just got off work. craig replies "now thats bad business"
-tmobile girl peed with the door open and all i saw from my angle was her head of hair sticking out of the door. i say to laura "does she know about this?"
-a girl in the bathroom asked "have you seen the girl in the blonde dress?"
- another girl in the bathroom informs me to "flush the toilet good. it works...just flush it good" (isnt that the story with all toilets? i think thats pretty standard.)
- apparently i was a bully.
-i called christian , nick , and craig my favorites. and laura was a default favorite of course.
-craig being stoked on an oldies song as if it was a dmx anthem.
- we decided to eat at norms and it SUCKED.
-russ getting the steak, chicken, and shirmp deal for 10$.
- craig being excited about ruffles.
- there was a 14 year old meth addict there which was creepy.
-christian chico gave her a hug.
-word of the night "bro". and not cause we liked it.
-therattlesnake.com somehow got changed to earthwormsnake.com????
-the walls looking like a vintage airplane but now i think it resembles more of a vintage airport
-my left thigh being REALLY sore today?
-christian chico scaring the living crap out of us when we exited the bathroom.
-some girl coming up to inky and tell her she looked like her boyfriend?? drink more sweetie.