these are prolly the most uncomfortable shoes ive ever seen

myspace ad of the week

on the road again......

welp it looks like ill be going to shanghai in 2 weeks to perform for lee hom wang again. im excited but also kinda dreading it because were going for only 2 days......and about 50% of that trip is going to be on a plane. ugh. its ok tho...good for the resume and im excited to see those places! woo. then after shanghai (2 weeks after) ill be going to singapore......bad news.....missing halloween....good news....more dollars....in my pocket. woo. so yah! im excited but dreading the plane...but hey at least ill be used to planes by then and wont get as nervous eh?

p.s. heres video of our time in taiwan.....oh yah i still havent updated on that....well during one of our rehersals the media came and apparently we were in newspapers and all the news stations out there hahaha. so heres some footage from that....




heel horrors

um i just rescently got into wearing heels ALL THE TIME. and this scares. me.


chug-a-chug-a chug-a choo choo!

ok so can we talk about chugs?! theyre chihuahua/pug mix. prolly the cutest dog ive ever seen besides my own.

i died.

friday night lights

on friday rr spun at a party.........what a treat that was. lets review what happened shall we?

here i am telling christian about the guy that looks like him in 30 years and hes trying to find him...

when we walked into the party said hi blah, then we went into the second room and this is what we saw.....

the flash scared me when ron took this

me dancing but i think its more of a " ill get you next time batman.....next time." pose with my fist in the air.

i took this one! woo! and they look so cute.

so royal rumble spun an amazing set and the party was going (thanks to me and liz) and then we had to bring it to the arena for "after hours". apparently it was lingerie night???

the lingere night kinda made me barf. but this girl was my favorite....

i felt like i was at phat friday....people were freak dancing everywhere....and it was the naaaasty kind. like the kind where u could picture how they are in the bedroom. bleh! heres a sample of the 18+ goodness.

and for the finale this is just my favorite picture. jerry curls are back maybe?

oh what a night.




so today was me and the bfs 4 year anniversary!!

crazy huh??

well ive been giving him shit for 3 years to plan something so he finally did this year and not only did he show me up on all of my previous anniversary plans but surpassed my expectations like whoas!

first he came home from work with hand picked flowers from the flower shop then we went off to our dinner, in which he made reservations for 830. cute.

so i begged him not to tell me what it was cause i love suprises. and wow. thats all i can say. we went to providence on melrose. damn.

5 course meal with wine pairing. yup yup yup. he treats me goooooooood!

currently on the menu they didnt have what we had tonight and its not letting me copy and paste the entrees so heres the website


i approve. 10 stars, i cant stop talking about it.


just my opinion......

3 things i think when i see him

-vanilla ice

-fag (not gay but like....ur lame kinda fag)

- ugly.

thank you for ur time.


dear aubry,

i really wanted u to be pretty and dress cute. i was rooting for you....i really was. but then u put too much make up on and dress in the worstt outfits. everything u wear is too much. please tone it down. and u definitely dont need to wear all that makeup all the time. didnt diddy tell u that or something? u should prolly listen. k thanks.



soooo im really jet lagged and tired so imma make this short and sweet and updte later.

taiwan was amazing, i really wanted to blog everyday but that didnt happen. i got too busy. im posting all the pictures on my myspace so ill link it so you can see cause theres about 599999 pictures and im not about to post them again ahahah.

we performed in front of 15,000 people....that was awesome.

the city was amazing, people were sweet, food was good, people i danced with were fun and i kinda miss them.....sad face.

i learned how to use chopsticks properly.

they had amazing snacks. mmmmmmm.

flight on the way back was awful because i wanted to sleep and i couldnt get comfortable in a 2 feet wide seat.

coming home was weird but im getting used to it. being jet lagged is the weirdest thing ever and i dont like it. booooo.

annnnnnnd the end! hahaha. updates later. byes.


taiwan part wan


plane food....so cute.

we are buddies.

the snack


hong kong airport


our view from our room

our hotel

the dance studio we reherse at and outside it

we wish we had this money all the time! (and in american dollars)

our walk to the store for snacks

the guy were dancing for....hes kind of everywhere.

this was the first couple of days. im going to upload more later! woo!