Leopard Faves

The more I do these outfit posts the more I realize that my go-to item is a vintage tee. I think I like the mix of dirty and clean if that makes sense. ANYWAY, I've been waiting for a month for these puppies (shoes) and I finally got them! I could not be happier! They are knock offs of many o' brands and from Korea. To be honest, I like them better then the real ones (Jeffery Campbells, Alexander Wang, Giuseppe Zanotti etc). Gasp! I know its a crime, but these have the best silhouette in my opinion. Anyway, me and the BF went out for some Pho and as you all know, I wasn't feeling well so I threw this simple, comfy outfit on. I love this shirt, it's from my grandpa's closet and its AMAZING. Although I'm not Italian I like to rep it. The leggings are from a local dance shop, which I like to go for my leggings because they are more durable yet still reasonably priced ($20). Under the tank is a lace bra from Urban. I love these because they're elegant and sexy all in one not to mention they look great under anything see through or with exaggerated cuts. As for the accessories, well you can guess where they're from. Be ready to see these shoes every week because I want to wear them with EVERYTHING!


Fall Transition

It's definitely taken it's time to get hot in LA. I haven't been wanting summer to end but I finally started craving fall yesterday when me and the bf went to H&M and I was surrounded by long baggy fall clothing. siiigh. Now its ridiculously hot and I'm sick and all I want is cold weather. Anyway, this is one of my fall transition outfits. Lightweight boyfriend stripped boyfriend button up from Goodwill (always), lightweight low rise jean pants cuffed at the bottom from Urban Outfitters, and my Steve Madden ankle booties. All of these items have great coverage for when it cools down, but are lighter weight if it stays hot. Perfect for that awkward in between seasons time. Whats your favorite fall transition outfit? 


Tow Truck

I was planning on wearing this out on Saturday but as previously stated I was sick. So here's some fun pictures for your enjoyment. These shorts (Urban Outfitters) are MAD short but I can't help but wear them. The color, fit and style are amazing and I'll sacrifice looking like a s.l.u.t. to wear them once in a while. I got this blouse at Goodwill (of course) and have been dying to wear it. I love the colors, style, the fact that its see through so you can wear a lace bra underneath, and the sleeves. I paired it with a vintage belt and these semi-outdated-sex and the city-Dior-knockoffs-that-I-still-like-wearing, shoes from Asos. I'm also really into buns in general, ask Shurie, but I REALLY love buns on the top of your head. Its so stylish for something so simple. Anyway maybe I'll wear this outfit out one day...siiigh.
Photography: Ian



Photography: Ian
Skirt: Penelope’s Vintage (Coming to the store soon!) 


Back in May our friend Nick had his annual pool party/bday party and our dear friend Kevintook some video. He made a little montage of the footage and all of us make a little appearance in it. I also wanted to use this as an outfit post because I love this outfit. I’m wearing a 90s inspired floral skirt from Zara, black tank, flower in my hair from H&m, and glads by Jeffery Campbell (not shown). Anyway, its random and funny, enjoy! 


Party Outfit

Last night Supra/Krew had a “party” for this reality show and me and the bf went. It was quite hilarious because the crowd was a CRAZY mix of people from opposite sides of the spectrum and those cameras were hounding the star of the show like they were going to miss something. It was cool to meet all the bf’s coworkers, all amazing people, open bar and free food. We didn’t stay very long but it was still fun. This is my favorite outfit right now I think I’ve worn it at least 5 times to different things including last night. I got this AMAZING white blouse from Goodwill. The volume and drape are magnificent. I paired it with these infamous shorts that I’ve worn before (also a fave) and of course my FAVE shoes, the Jessica Simpson Dany platforms. We didn’t end up making it to Mozza like I had planned but I’m hoping to catch it this weekend. Blackboard Eats had a deal going yesterday for 30% off take out and I want to take advantage of that ho. In due time.


I stumbled upon these pictures of some sort of cat fashion show/costume dress up party. ANY animal that is dressed in a costume is just breath taking. I don't know if anyone else besides my friend Mike shares this passion with me but something takes over me when I see animals in costumes. I cant control my amazement/laughter. ANYWAY these are the highlight, my favorite is the toupee. A CAT IS WEARING A TOUPEE AND ITS OK CAUSE HES BALD! Genius.  Enjoy.


Downtown Club

A few days ago I shot with Shurie for the store. I love shooting with her because we just talk and laugh and it takes no time at all to bang out the pics. Shes da best. ANYWAY I had her shoot a few shots of my outfit for the day. Although summer is coming down to its last few weeks, I’m trying to get out all my summer outfits while i can. I got this skirt at Zara and I think its perfect for summer. The print and colors are great and its a great fit as well. I like pairing elegant items with older vintage items because I like the contrast. I wore a (another favorite of course) vintage yellow tank that I got at American Vintage on Melrose a long time ago and goes with pretty much anything, a cute chambray hat I got from the Urban Outfitters sale section (score), my Steve Madden platforms, and of course, accessories. I don’t know about you guys but if I like a set of jewelry I’ll pair it with all my outfits, which is why all these jewlery items look familiar. I’m also excited because you can really see my new hair in these pictures (the light tips) and I’m pretty obsessed with it. BTW these Sephora x OPI stick on nailsare STILL going strong! it’s been almost 3 weeks! love em.  Anyway, happy Thursday!