2009 here we come!

ok wow its been a minute. well happy new year everyone!! its been a great one! and i hope it has been for u too!! be safe tonight!

my resolution this year is to blog more,cook more and eat in the form on the new american plate

i got this book for christmas and i LOVE IT. i basically says ur plate should consist of 2/3ds veggies, fruits and grains and the other 1/3d should be protien. (mostly fish, if not then chicken or turkey). it also shows new ways to make sauces out of veggies and fruits to liven up ur plate, and also how to spice up salads and make ur own dressing. its an awesome book. ive been testing it out and it works well! its written by the american cancer association i believe, and if not written they had a huge part to do with it! hahaha.


ni hao kai-lan

this is my favorite new kids tv show...its called ni hao kai lan and its exactly like dora the exporer but chinese!!! so awesome! and theyre all so cute!!!


3 Pugs Head Tilting


eggnog is filled with unanswered questions

what is egg nog?! i know its cream and EGGS (ew) but im so confused

do u have it with alcohol all the time? or just sometimes?

is it just me or does no one drink it ?? is it a generation thing? i seriously dont know anyone that drinks it.

do u serve it hot? cold? both? neither?

i just dont understand.

just saying

eggplant is gross!!!