data lincoln

last night we went to safari sams to see datarock....who was SO GOOD. this short black girl with huge boobs and a short jean skirt came up to kevin and asked " is this gay night?" and hes like "no...." so she walks in. i see her later with a chubby mexican guy buying drinks. they were a great couple.

after this we went to cinespace at 130 am. i hung out with hayley for the the half hour i was there. we watched people dance, watched the green light not turn red and were pissed, and watched little john get down in the crowd.

after we went to cactus then the dimmak house. we desided hayley is going to be aberham lincoln as an astronaut for halloween this year, i gave sarah morrison tutorials on the blackberry, we also desided im going to get paid to hang out with sarah daily, sarah called russ sunshine, gina gave me a long hug, dan o. LOOKED like an astranout, and nic kissed christian on the cheek and was PISSED.

over all it was a really good night besides my sinus' absolutely killing me.

the end.


club theme...

summary of the night: fathers office (way too much effort for not the best food ive ever tasted), a mini panic attack, a simi party, keg stands, old friends, and friends i didnt want to see, strobe lights, ace of base-its a beautiful life, really good white boy dancing, freak dancing, vodka of the gods bottle that looked like it cost 50 cents yet the best vodka ive seen, and "club theme".

story of the night: my friend brian had a vest on that had many MANY compartments, felt as if it were waterproof, and had a collar. he walked up to say hello and i comment "nice fishing jacket." he takes it off, puts it on my head and walks away. his cousin comes up and i say "hey! i got u a fishing jacket!! try it on!" (my brilliant plan that would keep me from holding it the whole night) he puts it on and says.."hey! this is brians! oh man! he bought this today, guess how much he paid for it?" and i was like idk? hes said "$250!" i was like oooooooohhhhhhhhhh THATS why he walked away.....

highlight of the night: i got home and christian, russ and ron were there. ( they went to a simi party as well). russ asks "how was ur party" im like "good. it had keg stands." russ replys with "well mine had fat chicks throwing candy at each other." .............i still dont know which one was better.

my elaboration on fathers office: let me tell u the process u have to go through just to eat here (keep in mind im starving).
- get there....wait in line to GET IN-15-20 min.
-get inside- wait for a table (no one is seating u its a free for all thing) 30-45.
-ordering your food at the bar (which we found out after we sat at our table) while everyone else in the place (which is at capacity) is getting drinks-15 min
-waiting for your food- 10-15 min.
-closing your tab if u didnt after u ordered-15 min


La pervos

such a cutie..

last night RR djed at La cita.......aka perv town. we got there at 930 because they had sound check so there was alot of "down time" if u will, so me and dannirep started it early with some $6 cran vods and $7 redbull vods. we propped ourselves on a speaker and drank. we soon noticed the walls were lined with 30 year old men in wovens (aka striped button ups) starring at us. Dannirep replys with "ew why are they looking at us, theyre prolly wearing depends". i laughed for a good 10 min.

after sitting on the speaker for an hour while all the boys that could protect us were getting mexican food down the street, we decided to move to the outside patio because we felt like an open wound in a shark tank. we then ran into a guy who was talking to us for a good min then decided to get all psychology major on us and hes like "ur the domant friend, and ur standing like this," blah blah......then hes like "im gonna give u guys the best friends test........do u guys use the same shampoo?" confused i say "no" because i KNOW we dont use the same shampoo and dannirep looks at me in confusion. he basically didnt give us an answer and tried to sound like he was analyizing something. whatever. we venture inside and suddenly its completely PACKED and we cant move. we dance for a minute, then another guy comes up to us and talks to us. he says " are u guys best friends?" we answer "yes." he then says "im gonna give u the best friend test......do u guys use the same shampoo?" so now this time I look at dannirep in shock that 1, someone else knows this stupid test that definatley does NOT determine if ur best friends, and 2, this guy happens to be at the same party, let alone 5 min right after , another guy asks us the same question. did we not get the memo on the new way to hit on two girls at once????

blah blah blah now RR is djing and i run into such friends i love like sarah morrison, gina turner and dan o. Everyones dancing, dannirep is in pain because her back is killing her, i see a certain someone dancing TERRIBLY!!!! and kyle noticed. the night ends, they killed it, and we stayed for the after hours for a min, drove home, ate pizza, passed out.

ill leave u with some pics from le disko which we went to on sunday because RR spun yet again....

(photo creedddd. kyle rumble aka lyle lovit http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylerumble/)


today i saw 2 buff young men (high shool age) one with a wife beater, one shirtless, both carrying mini dogs and smiling.


titanic zombie

oh man i totally had a dry spell for a week. suprisingly NOTHING exciting enough to write about happened to me. how does that happen?

anyway....just to catch everyone up
-a week ago from last friday was hush hush, i had a panic attack (pictured above)...... just in the middle of cinespace....... thought i was gonna pass out...... fun....... i was fine after 7 glasses of water.
- and a week ago from saturday was the evil doers party i think? whatever that was only fun because i saw the girl from garden state that made out with zach braff in the drug doing scene. i think she is just the cutest thing ever, so it was cool to see her. i tried to tell everyone but NO ONE knew what i was talking about. i must be the only fan.
-this friday night we went to shag for kennys birthday in which i saw the drag queen that was on surreal life, a guy in a blazer that strutted to the music as he walked across the club, and a sway look alike.

which brings me to my wonderful night that brought me out of my dry spell....(its kinda long but its a good one)

First we are on our way to the veue that my friends were SUPPOSED to dj at but had to forfit as if it was tag footballl or something, and we were stopped at a light. ( in downtown.....SLUMMMMSSSSS). russ is in front with christian and kevin in the car and me and danielle were behind. this crazy sillouhette waddled to russes window, with about 478394578493 layers on and a cigarette he put up to the window offering a puff maybe? im not too sure. i was like oh man thats scary, hes prolly gonna come up to our car but the light will prolly change. so he starts walking back to our car.....he stops in front of our car his face is revealed into the light which is the scariest ALIVE human being ive ever seen....im still contemplating if he was alive or a zombie.....his cheeks were that of the grand canyon and his eyes were as big as pugs eyes. he looked at both of us while he stood in the headlights and desided to come to MY SIDE!!!!!!! MINE! WHY MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(danielle driving im in passenger). so starts waddling slowly to my side...closer and closer.....my hearts beating at a milllion beats per milla second. ( keep in mind its STILLLLLLL RED!!!!)( i seriously felt like i was at six flags for fright fest). he puts the lit cigarette to MY window.....i shake my head no. he leans in CLOSER and i still shake my head no while looking into my purse for nothing just so i wont have to look at him. the light FINALLY turns green and i thanked the lord. i think that was the longest light in history.

so we get to the party and its in this old ass theater that looked like the titanic was brough up from under the ocean and put in the middle of the of downtown and had a party in it. there was an art show on the 3d level which was underground...in which i was scared for my life while i was down there because i thought it was gonna collapse. right when we walked into the art show part keivn manalow dropped his drink, which made a huge noise, and he stood there with his hands in the air like what happened? while everyone in the vecinity was staring at him. he later came up to me and was like man im glad no one saw that........i sat there contemplating wether i should let him know that EVERYONE saw it, or if i should just let him believe no one saw. ......so i told him. and he was like " but no one knew it was me" ........again ....should i tell him? or let him believe that? so i told him.....um EVERYONE SAW! and hes like whatever.......

after that mess we came to this "extrordinary" piece that had a stelleto attatched to all the gagets and door stopper would push it so that the heal would press a key on a piano. everyone was around it in awe. me and dannirep on the other hand, were left confused.

we then were standing in a little circle by the door and these guy came up to us and say " hey u guys are cute wanna come to an after party?" i think they were talking to my 2 guy friends standing with us......christian then interrupts and says " are u guys gonna play akon there?" ( because me and christian can go on for hours about how we hate akon and we still have yet to find someone who likes him) and the creepsters were like " ummmm.......yah......" and christians like " do u guys like akon?" and they answered "ummmm ya???" christians like "thats weird." and walked away. which left it really akward and hilarious. they prollly felt really stupid. it was really entertaining. thanks christian.

and that was my night!

today we went to reds and i found a lady bug in my salad. i wasnt sure wether to be grossed out or excited cause theyre good luck....

no pictures today sorry. i really need to be better about bringing my camera.



so last night we went to cinespace as always, this is what i looked like ^, it was frightening.( i forgot my camera AGIAN booo). it was me kevin and mike in his car and russ was meeting us there but he was at safari sams first watching low fi fink. so i thought it would be fine to get in cause luke was working the door and were cool like that and what not......but it figures he was not there. so long story short we hung out in this parking lot till russ got there and talked about how we wish life was one big musical. we said how in a high school setting, everyone would come together for lunch time and sing and dance in unison about how its lunch, then the bros would come strutting in while snapping, and the cheerleaders come flipping in shortly after. we also encountered a homeless man on crutches trying to make his way into the forest in the corner of the parking lot to pee, which was definately a struggle for him, and to later find him SLEEPING in the forest, while mike almost pee'd on him. it was a good waste of a half hour.

once russ got there we got in as fast as u could say his name, which was frustrating, and quickly got drinks because lord knows we needed them. blah blah time goes on i was really excited to see snowden ,me and sarah morrison strike up a conversation and dont stop talking till it was time to leave. we totally talked our way THROUGH snowden, but it was very nice backround music, and they were very good.

after we went to cactus, mike made up a song for skeet which went "where my skeet at, from the front to back where my fro at?"......and then some drama, then the dim mak house, and then i was SUPER annoyed at listening to someone talk on and on and on and on and ONNNNNNNNNNN about themselves. meanwhile mike is doing impressions of his short gay "follower" which includes the word "bitch" and him crowching down for everyone to get a grasp on the reality of his height. (or non height??) ok fine it was a little exaggerated.

after the mess me and russ had a pow wow on the way home, and i went to bed. the end.

tonight: trash and diamonds! royal rumble spinning go go go go! hopefully i remember my camera

(picture via thecobrasnake.com)


buy me these.....

ill love you forever to the moon.

Puppy Two

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and ill leave u with this.


manalow fanalow

today we did the Dim mak photoshoot part 2. and its STILL not finished. then after me christian russ and hayley went to roscoes chicken and waffles on gower to find out ITS CLOSED!!! we still dont know why, so we went to the la brea and pico one which is actually quite far as we soon found out! but it was soooooo yums! highlights of my day: getting a shitload of FREE american apparel clothes (thanks to my good friend russell lee) and roscoes.

last night we went to my friend Daves for a welcome home party for my friend kenny. which we had good times encountering things like neichi (daves dog) humping keishas arm and her being too drunk to do anytingn about it, making up a musical theater rountine to "smack that" by akon, and allison telling me that the only 0 ill fit into is a walmart 0 which counts as a size 10. oh and kenny leaving early from his own party.

we then ventured to kevins manalows house which this flyer was posted all over the internet for. russ designed it as a joke (because kevin was really just having a small shin dig) and posted it a million times. it was a bigger hit than any other party weve posted about. everyone was rsvping, and asking about where it was, how can they get bottle service, a girl under the name of Dominique Brown even rsvped twice! she was ampted!! even today people were asking us how the party went. o man.

anyway while we were there hayley (who is my new favorite person) brought me and christian cookies to wash down with some grey goose, me and mike encountered the most amazing pictures weve ever seen of grandpas (one had a sign around his neck that said "hi my name is wayne") i later built a shrine dedicated to all the old folk which intailed me gathering every picture of an old person in his house and putting it in one place. of course i forgot my camera for this amazing event, but hayleys got it! (haylewood.blogspot.com).

anyway, we basically got home at 4, why i dont know, and then i fell asleep. the end.


sideways trash diamonds and yongins

i hate thursdays cause there is no good tv. monday: i love new york, the white rapper show, prison break. tuesday: the real housewives of orange county and top design. wed: real world. thurs: NOTHING AT ALLLLLLLLLLL. friday: the soup. and sat and sunday are bad tv days so they dont even count.

last night we went to the sidewayz which was a cute little club id say. all our "crew n shit" stood in the back by the bar while me and mike pulled out some intense routines and the rapture kareoke version. every single person at that bar was staring and it was awesome. im not sure if it was mikes outfit (as seen above, and if ur asking...YES he is wearing a bucket hat) or our routines that were pulled together DAMN well if i do say so myself. we then witnessed some smoking of the weeed on the dance floor, a really nice guy named tony, and the song "bawk bawk chicken chicken bawk bawk chicken head"

then we headed to the social where skeet skeet held his ish. we didnt get there till later but it was dope. we went STRAIGHT upstairs because downstairs, in the HUGEST ROOM IN LA , it was like prom night 2008 with the youngins. when i walked in i stood there in disbelief watching all the youngins dancing out of control, running around playing tag or something youngin-like, there were lasers to make the scene even more dramatic, the stage was super crowded and everyone on there was moscow dancing. ummmm take it back to moscow. (no offense keith love u to death). usually i dont have problems with the youngins but u shoulda seen this. it was like a play ground.

anyway once we got upstairs we met up with all of our friends and it was fun and dandy. me and sarah morrison talked about things like how there are always 15 camera guys at every party now and how her mark, and rony should pitch a survivor show because they stick together. i also witnessed a man in a dress and to make the sight more eye catching he was 7'6. he accompanied his dress (and height) with a scarf, some pants and some boots.

we ended the night with cactus of course (as shown above) and then a lovely 15 milllion year drive home. i forgot my camera but hopefully RONbrasnake's pics helped out a little bit.

(images via thecobrasnake.com)