informertial mania!

ok im up every night until about 1 or 2 and its PRIMETIME infomercial time. here are 3 of my faves (besides the ones ive already posted about)

slim clip......aka just a plain money clip but in the infomercial it has SOOOO many features!

dirty dancing workout dvd.....really?

lots and lots of trains......you couldnt think of a better title?

my night/day

last night we had date night with russ and liz, we went to cicada in downtown. it was lovely and me and liz were loving life after two glasses of wine. after on the way home jamie invited us to candlelight so we stopped by because who can resist free drinks?! annnnd i havent seen her in years. picsgo!

christian loves candlelight


double dating


this morning we woke up and went to downtown to get some sausages. this place is amazing i plan on going back. they have tons of different sausages to choose from (even veggie ones which made me a happy kid!) , they have toppings to choose from, and sauces for your fries to choose from like curry ketchup. ontop of that they have tonnns of beer. we had the guy give us the best one for our sausages and it was soooo yummy....and strong! lorddddd. enjoy pics wurstkucherestaurant.com

christians sausage, turkey, cheddar and jalapeno with sweet peppers and onions

fries with chipotle ketchup and pesto mayo mmmmm

my sausage, vegetarian with spicey peppers and onions

annnnd drunk from one beer

after this we walked around little tokyo and got cream puffs, rice bowls, hi-chew, rolls from the bakery and curry sauce mix. basically these are my favorite kinds of saturdays.

tomorrow everyones coming over for superbowl slash my grandparents anniversary. im making pasta with a sundried tomato pesto, with spinach and cherry tomatoes, and a mixed green salad. yuuumm!! (omg im so 40 someone help me)



vegas for lee hom wang

basically this weekend summed up is:

going to bed at 5am everynight
drinks during rehersal
a family affair
everyone officially becoming my family
casino hopping on sunday with christian playing craps
me winning 200$ this weekend
an amazing after party
annnnd shitty food.

heres pics