just a thought....

why do people still wear cowboy boots?


oc not for me

last night was royal rumble t-shirt release party in the oc..... you know, i kept an open mind about the oc cause christian would tell me how fun the rescent parties were there, but last night it got closed right back up. ahah. there were, bros, ese`s, girls trying to dress "crazy" but really it just being normal, and the girls that did dress crazy werent anything special. there was a crepy guy with a feather in his hat, drunk and sloppy telling me to get his friend to drink and wouldnt let me leave.

the venue was cool, it was kinda like new york ish in an ally, with bricks everywhere and stairways. there was a cash bar outside, which was convienent, cool graphics going through sheets. it was trippy.


the guy telling everyone to clear behind the dj booth because you couldnt see the graphics, even tho you couldnt see them anyway cause the dj booth was covering it, AND there was a projection ABOVE the dj booth so everyone could see it still! he was like hall monitor! hes like "watch out for the graphics, step away from this area please, im proud of my work man i want everyone to see the graphics" um sir......ur graphics look like a screen saver with lazers through it and everyones drunk......i dont think they particularly care about your graphics.

marrissa pee'ed behind the graphics.

i think i can drink jack on the rocks now. i think im ready. (highlight for me)

russ was sitting on this planter thing and it had a string attatched to it so i started doing mime rope tricks.....even tho mimes use invisible ropes. i was laughing histerically but russ thought i was really weird.

"kevin, you should use ur famous line on her" "whats that?" "lets go home"

kevin being car monitor giving me time updates on when my parking space time was up.

annnndddddd us having a hard time getting in because of out "enterouge" of 6 people. oh orange county.

pics soon.