Oh no it's starting...

 If you can remember back to the Myspace days, I would have an ongoing post on this blog of "Myspace ad of the week". They were always super weird, uncomfortable, and confusing. I thought that post would never come back with Myspace being dead and Facebook being "clean" of ads......but it has! I found this ad on Facebook today.....ummm WTF is that a picture of?!!?!? Intestines?  And WTF is Cracked? Is it like....crack? SO CONFUSING ON SO MANY LEVELS! Thank you ads gods for sending me anther entertaining ad.



Gifts for Chanelle

Jeffery Campbell's I want from Solestruck

Rhonda-The Musical

On Saturday we went to Rhonda. If you don't know what that is, it's pretty much the biggest gay party in LA and its awesome. I swear everytime I go there the outfits/people get crazier and crazier. This week.....all star cast. Please enjoy. More pic's here

Guess what I'm offended by this week?


Moving Movies

So awesome.