mono throat.

sooooo christian was complaining about not feeling well on monday and how his throat hurt really bad. i wake up tuesday with my throat swollen shut, body achey, fever, and tired. i thought i was being a wuss when i was complaining but when i went to the dr on thurs and found out i had mono/strep throat i didnt feel so bad.

the dr thinks i have mono because my throat was too swollen for strep, and i didnt have sores or puss on my tonils like u do when u have strep.

but i still tested positive for strep.


so i find out the results on monday im assuming cause they didnt get anything in today...

at least i got shit to garggle with so my swelling went down in my throat. it was realllllllllllllly painful, and i couldnt eat for three days! but i was starving! so miserable!

anyway so im resting like crazy so i can get over this. so nothing entertaining as of now. but i do have these cute pictures of pico when she was little.


the most touching commercial ive ever seen......


soooooo last night we went to lax. it was a good time. u know the usual. lets seeee.... to summerize the night we got.......

girls dressed in jiggy dresses with high heals, french tips, pedis, and bling, some girls walking up to mark and rony and saying "are you the photographer?", me and allison matching, EVERYONE wearing their jumper dresses....including me.....ouch, my mouth having absolutely no spit in my mouth due to me being drunk the past two days, them jeans killing it, christians dancing was pretty good, allison kenny and mike doing the "lean like a cholo" dance, allison getting a poloroid for 3$ and her exscuse being " i know chanelle", jacob macking on girls, talking in the parking lot with christians 50 cousins for an hour, and going to cactus with the 50 cousins.

story of the night: we were all at cactus, hanging out, eating food and this gti pulls up just like mine but with a spoiler. i joke " hey guys the vallets here lets go" christian number 2, being as wasted as he was, believed me and started walking twards it. the guy gets out of his car in a suit with his tie totally untied around his neck, hair messed up, face messed up......he OBVIOUSLY had a BAD night already. he walks up to the window at cactus to find out it is closed.....which let me just ask you.....didnt he see it was closed when he drove by?.........aka his night just got worse. so christian number 2 is sitting there laughing because he thought it was my car and hes like "oh yah that one has a spoiler" in which the guy prolly only heard "spolier" as he was walking back to his car in disapointment. when ur having as bad of a day as that guy had folks, u would think everyone was out to get u too. so he says "suck my nuts" were all like ummmmmmmmmm ........what? and hes like "suck my nuts!!" standing there in the same pose michael jackson had in his video for black or white.....(arms out like a T.) and my christian was like what? and hes like "not you.....YOU!" pointing to christian #2... us-still standing in shock. he stood there for 2 more mins to see if anyone wanted to go further with this mess and then gets in his car and drives off screeching...like petal to the metal....leaving us all in silence and asking ourselves what just happened? there was a moment of silence then just laughter and elaboration for an hour. the end

moral of the story: dont say a WORD to a man with an un tied tie and suit on, who looked like he had a long night to begin with, who has just found out cactus is closed.

now for tha pics......theres not many because no one brought their camera but u get the idea.

and i like this one because of christians face in the backround....

(phots: thecobrasnake.com, ronysphotobooth.com)


last niiiiiiiight.....didnt even get an ansah

last night it was hush hush vs. rokognized. it was dope!! but the venue coulda had air conditioning lets just say that much........200% humidity in that bitch. anyway this is what the night consisted of......

russ and amanda fighting in the car (as always), loosing my breath as soon as i walked in because it was so hot, christian cheeko putting his hair in a ponytail, christian cheeko drinking a drink with a cigarette butt in it, marissa being my buddy the whole night, drinks being 5$, this flimsy bamboo wall separating this smoking area from the outside world, christians cousins...jessica and kim falling into the bamboo wall and laying flat, mike phan being a liar,the rumble killlllllling it.....as did everyone else! weidos being there, ronysphotobooth.com's flash blinding me, getting a ring pop from the bartender, and christian serenading us in the car.

here are the photooooooooooooooooossssssss............

christians favorite

christian being half retarded.

this one makes me laugh because it tells a story.....someones life story.


and the joint wedding.....

so fun. just too hot.

good start to my break.

(photo credddddd- thecobrasnake.com)



oh man i worked so FUCKING hard on my portfolio and i got a freaking A! im so excited! i actually had tears in my eyes because i was so happy! <----- short version.

in other news i have my life back! woo! tonight were going to hush hush! hopefully itll be dope and i wont be too exhausted from these past weeks to celebrate! hahah

in other other news check out these amazing tops my sister makes.

contact her for purchasing information on her myspace -----> myspace.com/sunsmocks.

hope everyone has a good weekend. updates soon. for all my 2 readers!



sorry no updates....

been sewing for the past week.