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New Designers 09: Northumbria University graduate Jack Bresnahan exhibited a series of biodegradable, plastic lids for turning used tin cans into household containers at graduate show New Designers in London last week.


1 more day!

buy cute clothes on ebay here and now!

more to come next weekend! and also...and etsy store! stay tuned!

thanks! loveukbye!


oh top shop

liz warned me......ssiiiiggghhh



Right now, i only put up 4 things, and theyre not AMAZING, but i A, wanted to get rid of the things i orignally bought to sell and B, wanted to test the waters if u will.

so tell ur friends, mothers, lovers, mothers lovers, sisters etc.

and keep checking in for new items! thanks for the support!



im following this next time....

get ur hang over remedies here!

on top of this take a multi vitamin before bed with a glass of water (if u can hold anything down) and ull be good as new in the am!

i want

a chocolate magnet! whatttt!

buy here

this is fun

basically with this fridge, you buy as many compartments as youd like and stack them until its at the height you like. kinda awesomeeee.

(source: food2.com)



i love this site. look at the treasures i found today.



sorry all my posts have been about food. i love it. i had lacy ask one of her chef friends about a good olive oil for viniegarettes, salads, and to top things with. her answer ( well her friends) was an amazing one. its only 8$ a whole foods and it is delicious!!


in other news this person is a genius and i want like everything on this site. enjoyyyyy



saturdays meals





lunch was really good. i enjoyed it although i needed some acidty added to it so i put a little lemon on it and it was perfecto! mmmm im going to make the lamb ragu tonight ill let u know how it is. weekends=meat ok if i feel like it. hahaha.


i want the new phoenix album now

websites im into right now thanks to lacy:



im currently employed by:

preston -styling for new kids on the block (wish us luck cause we dont have a lot of time)

i dont post anymore because:

im too lazy

too much updates

and it makes me sad.

imma try i promise.

tomorrow is:

nick vic's bday pool party bash! annnnd coprus sample sale!

funny pic of the day:

the end! woo!


house of bread

sorry i havent updated in FOREVER! ever since i got twitter and facebook i never have the urge to. buuuut i do have the urge to tell you about this amazing bread place in chatsworth. they make homemade bread fresh daily, they make different breads on different days, they have everyday breads and they have regular white and wheat bread. its amazing. they also have sandwhiches served on their bread to eat. i get really stoked on family owned places and i think its important to support small business, besides how amazing is it to have homemade fresh bread everyday? so here it is.




ive been sick.

updates soon.

i feel like the nyquil commercial.


ooooooooooo eeemmmmm ggggggggg

i just puked in awe of this collection. genius. bananas. ridiculous. out of this world. u name it. click it. i cant breathe.


moving time!

so im going to be moving my blog to tumblr.com i like the customization there better. its in the works but just a forewarning.

hope everyone had a good weekend!



"more fun than socks on a polished wood floor"

im so confused on so many levels

who woulda thought......

nature at its best......





check me out in apparel news ....the paper version is also floating around


these are shoetures. theyre dope. go buy them.



happy saturday!

ugh i love saturdays cause christians home and we have the whole day to do whatever we want.

we woke up this moring and i made us some oatmeal then we went to get mani's and pedi's, then we went to the cucakery (posted below) and let me tell you they are delish! the pink velvet is devinneeeee.(actual picture below) (the place is way cuter in person and ill prolly be there everyday.

after this we ate at M cafe off melrose .......sooo good. that is also my new favorite place they have all organic and vegan/vegetarian food, but then they have fish as well so everyones happy. super healthy and super yummy. christian enjoyed it as well. ( http://www.mcafedechaya.com/ )

then we went to turntable lab to get him a mixer. fairfax makes me barf with all the street wear kids....actually thats mean i was just overwhelmed.

then we came home and went to THE BRAND NEW DOG PARK IN SIMI VALLEY!!!!!!!!

thats right folks. guesss whos the happiest kid in the world! (besides the dogs) MEE!!! its so nice up there..its way up in the hills where its quiet and peaceful and the dogs loved it. :)

anyway, i think my best friends gonna come out here and were gonna get some drinks then off the brick and ronys bday! hope everyone has a good night!



so since my first time trying sprinkles i cant get the red velvet cupcake out of my head. i want it after every meal!

soooooooo i googled for cupcakes near my house annnnnnd my friends store came up!

my friend lynette and her mom opened up a cupcake store in thousand oaks and it is ADORABLE! GO IF YOUR IN THE AREA!

here are some pics and the link below



i just got these

so excited! especially the dress ugh im obsessed!!

the best part about the black one: the rhinestones are fake....oh forever 21, idk whether to love that or be ashamed theyre fake.

in other news:

-jordans done and he loved everything!! so exicted. it worked out really well. now i can realax! whew! today me and christian got portos! omgz so good its in burbank go there and get cheese rolls...but only get like 4 cause u cant stop eating them!

-i love lily allens cover of womanizer

-ill be in apparel news next week

-rent the wackness its a really good movie.

-max factor lash perfection is the best mascera ive owned

the end.