Sorry we’ve been M.i.a. the past couple days, our internet has been super sucky! waaaaack! Hopfully things will be back to their regular schedule next week if not tomorrow! 
In other news, WE HAVE A MAILING LIST FOR OUR STORE! This may not sound like exciting news but to me, its amazing. Its amazing because a, I didn’t really think we had that much news to share about our store but we really do! We have 2 blogs, interchanging photographers, new clothes up weekly, and guest blogging apperances going on! Its awesome! To join in on the fun you can sign up HERE or on our site under the Mailing List section. Thanks for your support and interest! 
Have a good evening folks! I myself will be taking dance class and sipping wine. YUP!


4th of July outfit!

Im really dumb and I get excited about outfits. So I wanted to share with the world my 4th of July outfit! Tada!! what are you going to wear?

In honor of 4th of July my store is having a promotion! Buy 3 or more things till Tuesday and get 20% off!
Have a ball!


Everyone have a good weekend!