this day just keeps getting better

first this

then this....

first this.....


chanelle: gosh her face is so shiny shes had so much work done its gross!
mom:......you think so?

hp touch

ok first off doesnt the bottom remind you of the old computers u had to play oregon trail with? except like 5 times smaller.

second off i think this idea of a computer is stupid. the reason why is, if im sitting at my desk i dont wan to reach over and touch my way through what i have to do. i want to sit back and use my handy dandy mouse that is right next to me. your arm would get so tired if u were designing graphics on there! oh man! if your looking through pictures why dont we just click "next" instead of moving ur arm back and fourth. this computer is going backwards, its making us do MORE work while were at work!


todays highlights...

1, i got a fix it ticket last week for my brake light. i went today to get it signed off by a sheriff and when hes done he says " alright, just send this in and ull prolly have to pay like 10 bucks ok something...alright have a good day!"

i have a problem with this. sir can u please explain how i am supposed to know that my brake light, THAT IS IN BACK OF MY CAR, is out? why on earth would i have to pay 10 dollars for you to tell me its out and for me to pay to get it fixed? this does not make sense. its like telling someone that they have a fine for having toilet paper stuck to their ass. THEY DONT KNOW ITS THERE! ITS BEHIND THEM!! do i check for the brake light when im at a stop light? and how could i even do this by myself? someone needs to be there to step on the brake! do i randomly do check ups with my loved one? ok hunny time to check if all of our brake lights are out.

i sure hope i dont have to pay 10 dollars. thats ridic!

and lastly, im venting to laura about how i dont want to pay this 10 dollars, and i see in front of me a volvo that has a sticker on the back windshield, and its not a bumper sticker its just words and it reads...

"what if the hokey pokey IS what its all about?"

and i just started laughing. its as if they were really asking america, or just simi valley. that sticker turned my day right around!