it was fashion week therefore there will be fashion week posts. here are some crazy SHIYATIES of outfits.


im not gonna say this concept hasnt been done before, but i will say it hasnt been done liek this. alexander mcqueens (ironically) ready to wear fall 2008 line is EXTRAORDINARY!!! his line is , from what i see, his interpretation of queens from different eras or countries, or both, and it is ridiculous.


spending too much money.

today i worked, then me and christian went to the mall.

he bought me boots, i bought tights that dont fit my thighs, and an AMAZING dressssss woo!

i also just realised that i have purchased four pairs of shoes in the past 2 days. although i only paid for one pair i feel like thats a little extreme.

while we were at the mall, we spotted a man in his 40-50s wearing a 7xl white t-shirt, basketball pants /shorts ....green ones.....a white du rag, and some fresh ass kicks.

america never seizes to amaze me.

and yesterday while at coffee bean me and mike witnessed a guy riding his bike with a green/orange stuffed animal spider on his shoulder. we came to the conclusion it was sewn on because that thing was not moving. what possesses people to do these things? oh, i want a stuffed spider on my shoulder today? or maybe just while im on my bike? i mean DONT get me wrong, i do NOT want these people to stop BY ANY MEANS, i would just really like to know what goes through their head.

again, american never seizes to amaze me.


my new outfit

who woulda thought?

"whens dad gonna show his ugly mug here"

-brandon walsh, Beverly Hills 90210 circa 1992 working at the beverly hills beach club.

i was thinking.....

i just have to know....


judge judy, judge alex, judge david, judge lashanda, etc etc etc.

like, WTF?!

1, are the peoples cases even real?!? if so, they had to take it to tv to settle it? they couldnt do this privately? im sorry but i, nor the public, care about your issues with ur ex boyfriend, how hes not paying child support, how he hit you, how he broke in and stole your dildo, whateverwhatever, please settle this in your local court house.

2, are the JUDGES even real?!?! where do they get these people?! its like, ok law school, law school graduate, judge, TV JUDGE......ive completed my lifes tasks.

3, why are all the people black?! are the only people that showed up in the casting black? did they hold it in compton? does it specifically say "wanted: black people with issues that need to be taken to tv court."

4, WHERES THE JURY?!?!! im sorry, but the last time i served jury duty WE were in charge of the desicion....not judge bonifa?!

5,the sets are so awful, like really people?! we couldnt make it a LITTLE more believable? bad lighting, room half as big as a real court room, no jury,flags everywhere etc etc.

6, theres always a side kick security guard thats a smart ass or a funny man. no real cop loves their job that much.

and lastly

6, whenever there was a real court case that was televised i dont remember the people in the courtroom acting as if they were apart of a taping of jerry springer.

nothing says justice like tv cameras, bad lighting, and awful sidekick security guards.

love it


i want I WANT I WANT!

LAMB is amazing, the man behind it, i dont know his name, is a genius. i was a little disappointed with their current stock on L-A-M-B.COM but i still managed to find a few things i liked....duh.

sorry theyre thumbnails, it wouldnt let me copy them on the sight, and i know theyre the same shoe but the different color ways r ridiculoouuuussss

omg and a omg

so last night we went to the futhamuckas monthly at the cat club, the did awesome as always, and rob roy performed and he was good! he was like eminems cousin but not white.

afterwards we went to cine to visit ron, and im really hoping it was just a bad night because it was SCARRRRRRRRYYYYYY!!!!!


-a girl was wearing a bucket hat.
-a girl was wearing a ricky hat (project runway), black knee highs, tube top dress from my super sweet sixteen and gold lamme`sneakers.
-a guy was wearing a jiggy paperboy hat, the kangol kind, a black scarf and maroon button up.
-35% of the crowd was short asian girls the other 75% was sausages.
-the group that performed was ok (im just bitter cause the futhamuckas shoulda been there) but the guy was wearing a dope conductor hat (which is now added to my list of things i want) and they had a dj who i was convinced was dave holmes brother.
-a 60 year old man.
-me and mike indian dancing to M.I.A.
-mike's "chanelle and mikes date night mix tapes volume 1&2" i obviously can not play them for u but all u need to know is the jump off by little kim, and shake that body.
-for the finale................my krumping move. ill show u next time u see me.

well folks. yet another amazing night of people watching. cinespace was a zoo, and i hope when u go there next you will have as entertaining of a time as i did! until next time.........peace butterfly.


to do list 08

a to do list for you:

to watch:

10 thumbs up

to read:

this 400 page beaut is taking me a looooong time to read but i approve. im still not half way done, but if u like the 60s, andy warhol, anyone that has to do with him and anything that has to do with anything of those last things i listed, u will dig this.

to listen:

to smell:


and u burn it in one of these:


lockin myself inside.

last night i wanted to go to sudden death but then we got home too late from picking up my mom from my grandmas. so we stayed home and played mario party. (seriously, dont get a ds, because it will take your soul). although i wish i woulda gone to vine bar because apparently, from a reliable source named craig, there were people in gowns they wore to the oscars there?????!?!?!?!?!? HOW COULD I MISS SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!

in other news, today im working for my mom and heres what has happened

-i found out that corner bakery is open for breakfast ALL DAY!!!! except for potatoes and oatmeal....they serve that till they run out.

-i went to drop off hershy and when i was doing so, there was an older couple....prolly in their 70s, and they had a set of wiener dogs. the old man leans over to pet hershy (our chocolate lab) and he gets a smile on his face. after this happens, the woman was like "you better take the one ur holding out to go to the bathroom" and he replies "i was going to " and then that led me to think how this poor old man prolly didnt even want these kinds of dogs anyway, he prolly wanted a golden retriever or a lab maybe? and how he prolly thinks that everytime she nags him about something.

-as we walked through the mall and looked for coffee tables, the questions that came into my mind were "why is hot topic still open? does abercromie really need to blast their music to the point of a headache? does anyone shop at cache? and i love tacone wraps."


- on our way home there was a HUGE hive of bees on a wall in someones backyard. i think they might take over the neighborhood. (i posted a pleasant picture because i was getting the creeps looking at real hives)

thats all for today. tomorrow: dance, car dealership, and?