oh man

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this is so overwhelming.


i dont get the humor in this show.

lets have a show with the same concept of whose line is it anyway, but give them the answers and or tell them the jokes to say that arent funny.

does anyone like this show and laugh? im honestly wondering. cause im just not on the same page.

the worst open bar in chanelles taste

so on friday we went to the la film festival after party. it was in a nice place and location , the room was themed nicely (target theme), open bar and free food.

there was one problem....

the open bar only had malibu, some beer and wine.


how can i get drunk off malibu? how can i even sip on that...its too sweet!!!

ive never heard of that...usually its a vodka or tequilla...but malibu?

is anyone else offended?


some people have ocd in the way where they do rituals. some have it in the way where they have to count. i have it in the way where if i type "haha" it has to end in a.

it genuinely bothers me when i see that i did that. it doesnt bother me when other people do...just me.

is this weird?


i have really bad sinus issues and i definitely found a home remedy for them.

a little peppermint oil under the nose will do the trick.

it soothes the sinus air way dealy.



i have an issue

can we talk about this show?

how awful is it?

every single time theyre like "where are we going?" when they bring the ex's to another room and its like ummm sir and madam didnt you SIGN UP for this show? havent you SEEN the show??

not to mention theyre the WORST ACTORS EVER!!! i could do a better job then that.

then my FAVORITE is at the end the diaglogue goes like this...

ex: hey...
boyfriend/gf: hey...
ex: did you have fun?
bfgf/: what do u mean?
ex: we were watching you all weekend
bf/gf/: oh.....
ex: how could u do that? i thought u loved me
bf/gf: its a hard situation to be put in you dont know what its like (or) im sorry
ex: well you have a decision to make..

OMG THIS SHOW BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME. its mostly an issue with mtv. if your gonna do these shows WHY do u make ever episode the EXACT SAME WITH THE EXACT SAME DIAGLOGUE?!?!?!?!

do you think thats entertaining? that people wanna watch shows that might as well be reruns?? like, if your gonna write it write some good shit in there.....like tantrums .....storming out trying to find the room their in...barging in, in the middle of sex or something.

am i right? i just dont get it.

mtv has al these good ideas for shows then when people like it they milk all the cheesey parts and make it SUPER fake and bad. come on mtv. come on.


ok so its cruise season. everyones going. they sound fun but i cant help but think of the titanic. i know it was like 20s blah blah. i just cant get passed it. idk. and to think about this huge ship just floating on top of the water? baffles my mind. i know it has to do with it being filled with air but whatevs still freaks me out. maybe one day ill get the balls to go on one.


PLEASE buy me these. free shipping!!

quote of the day

"who are you? charles barkley? cause thats what u look like!"

-sarah from real world talking to nick.



thank you danny martinez for showing me this video.


today i made vegan banana split cupcakes. and let me just say they were BOMB!

i was afraid they would taste fake and blah or i would mess it up some how but everything turned out A-ok! i even made the frosting from scratch!! so awesome!

even tho their vegan i dont think they are much healthier due to sugar...even tho i used agave. but whatevs. still good fal!

recipe via vegan cupcakes take over the world.

oh technology

i was driving home and i was listening to the doors, light my fire and i was singing the melody then i remembered....

member when you made ur own ringtones or send them to ur phone and they were all weird and electronic sounding??

i dont know what that means but i think you get it.

i always hated the ones u had to make cause it was really hard. i remembr trying numorous times and it sounding awful.... so i would always go for the pre-made-sent-to-your-phone- ones.

id be like "hey guys, check out my new ringtone" and be stoked and feel really cool.

so bad.

oh technology.



you know what really upsets me??

when guys where sunglasses in the club.

and theyre not just sunglasses theyre like pussy semi clear semi brown ones that are like faded and have like jems on the side.

come on homie...u really think you look good??


not a good accessory. not even for the day time. trash that shit.


(these r kinda a bad example because ive seen far worse im just too lazy to search. kthanksbye)

i like these fotos

the second one is currently my desktop.



omg ive been so lazy to update this thing. i think its cause i got so consumed in other blogs. but anyway last night we went to blow up la


-it was so hot that i was sweating standing still.
-it was so hot that when i drank cold water the air warmed my throat from breathing.
-it was so humid that my skin was wet.
-people were taking off their shirts left and right.
-the venue was awesome it just needed like 5 more fans at LEAST. maybe a window.
-earlier in the day i was like hmm i should striaghten my hair thoroughly , layer by layer, to see if it looked better. it did. went to blow up la...came out....it was back to square one when i let it air dry.
-we got prime parking.
-we babysat......aka there was alot of children there.
-the crowd was good tho.
-there was a girl in a green bikini.

well that was interesting.



go to this fal!





the 80s dont scare me...just the next like 3 days.



these things are so annoying. they get harder and harder everytime. i understand its helping the spam blahblahbalhbh but its an inconvenience for me. i always have to do them like 15 times. im like i SWEAR that said x.

fergie is fugie

i hope she regrets even starting to get plastice surgery. because i know i would.



if you love me youd buy me these things

if anyone wants to buy these items for me just let me know....theyre all chloe` and theyre on sale for like 2,000 or something. OBVI i dont have enough to pay for that so im accepting "graduation" gifts, early birthday gifts, 4th of july gifts and last but not least halloween gifts....id love you forever kthanksloveyoubye

splish splash

when i move out i want a dope bathtub. something around these lines....

quote of the day

"didnt you have christmas off?"

- jeff lewis, flipping out...when an employee asked for the day off.

this is relaxing


i want the tree ones in my house


blast from the past

christian: i hate miss piggy
chanelle: yah she was a bitch!
christian: its like, leave kermit alone!

that was the conversation we had after this....but we desided we liked her in this but not when they were old.

we both love this show so much and i want the dvd set now......if it exsists.

top shop on the flop top

apparently top shop is debuting there first american store in fall 08 in new york! awesooommmmeeeee heres their fall line....i want it all

quote of the day

"come on , only d-bags wear those kinds of shits"

-sarah, real world

heat wave

ok so today it was officially a high of 105. yup thats right. i looked at my moms temp thing in her car.

im so mad.

why does it have to be this hot?! are we in the dessert no??

are we near the beaches?? yes.

i know its the valley but STILLLLLLLL.

why cant it be like 80 max? that would be so nice.

and you know what i REALLY hate about the heat? when your dying of heat then go in a building and its really cold. it feels good for like 5 min then ur freezing. then you go outside and ur hot!!!!


make it stop


when you watch real world tonight.....notice how the new girl looks like jessi spano (aka elizabeth berkley) but black. k thanks.


heat wave

can we talk about how its going to be 99 degrees tomorrow!??!?!


pet peeve

you know what i hate?

when people ask me if im a good dancer. it goes like this...

person: oh you dancE?
chanelle: yah...
person: are you good??

WHAT THE HELL DO YOU SAY TO THAT? if u say yes u sound cocky and if u say yes who knows if your bullshitting?!

i cant just see some amature being like "oh yah , im good for sure"

why would someone ask that? how about oh id like to see you dance! then they can deside for themselves.

i get this all the time seriously. i dont get it?


4 out of 5 stars

me and my mom saw this last week.

so cute. this movie.

why is jimmy choo so amazing

warning: theyre pretty much all black so sorry about that. i swear i like color.

this is from the pre fall 08 line.

this is from spring/summer 08