i was behind this today......not this exact one but u get it.


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im just throwin these left and right people


rooted from: the word calm and samzies (see:superbad.)

in a sentence:

"you didnt win the show bitch! calmzies"

could be used in place of "calm down"

the word of the day is....



quote of the day

"i wouldnt be bummed if she died"

-christian on jo from real housewives of orange county / date my ex.



can we talk about how the punk mom lady got through to the next round?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


her outfilt looked like instead of going to mood she snuck out wihtout anyone knowing, went and bought her outfit at hot topic.

IT WAS A SHIRT AND PANTS?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

so outraged!!!!!!!!!!


the making of......

natalia-perfect day.

we did this a couple months back, apparently the video will be out sept 15th, so ill post it of course. until then heres a teaser!


its a sad day....

R.I.P neck piercing.

whether u knew or not, i had my neck pierced. ive had it for almost 4 years

lately the last couple months its been acting up.

i tried to fight it and clean it the best i could.

but eventually the skin got smaller so i think my body was rejecting it.

tonight was the night it came out.

i feel like a peice of me is lost. :(

so sad.

neck piercing: u will be missed.

(idk if u can see it above...prolly not. its there tho!)

har har


i just bought these.

im in loooooove.



soooooooooo i made vegan alfredo sauce from vegan dad

it was RIDICULOUS! im kinda numb to the taste of soy milk and all that so it tasted pretty real to me! christian even said it was pretty good! now THATS bananas!!

i suggest everyone try this....super easy and yummyyyyy woo!


today me and christian woke up and took my car to the dealer. i felt like i was going to pass out personally but then i drank water and i was cool.

after this we went to the santa monica farmers market which was fun! i got some produce for dinner this week.

after this we went to go eat at the 3 st promenade. on the way we found a dog store. of course me and christian got excited cause we love our dogs too much. we go inside and realize its a dog bakery!!!!! it was the cutest thing ever! they made dog friendly pastries and treats that dont use sugar or salt . basically theyre a little more savory then their food. so awesome. we got a half a dozen of them to bring home for our lovies. (there were more but we were too excited to give them to them)

after this we ate at an italian place and it was REALLY hard for me to resist christians cream sauce pasta. but i stuck with my salad. (defly forgot to take pictures of the food so heres christian. )

laster were gonna get the dogs new collars and bring them to the dog park. woo. have a gooooddd saturdaaayyy!




you know what i dont get? acrylic toe nails.

why put fake nails on ur toes? did you hear that?


thats so foul.

and not to mention .......whats wrong with your own toes??????

if theyre fungusy ...theres polish over them.....if theyre rigid ....you file them.

i just dont get this concept and quite frankly it grosses me out!

(warning: the picture above is an exaggeration to what im talking about.......so i DOUBLE dont get that picture)



thats right folks! im headed to vegas! im going on my first girls trip! woooooooo!! welp see ya on tuesday!

heres a fun picture from a couple weeks ago to keep u occupied till i come back


can someone explain this to me....

im honestly so confused....the bulletins ....the comments......the ads.....is it spam......is it not.........just all around.

someone help me out here


lets look at the shoes i bought last week shall we?

and these r next....no one get any ideas!


would you agree with me if i were to say this is the worst name for a product EVER?

pet peeve

can we talk about how much i HATE when people decide to clean their windshields while theyre in front of you?

is this a good idea people????? dont you REALIZE it gets on my window too?! then I have to clean mine also. thanks.


why dont people think about these things?

why dont people think?!

pcd audition

today i had an audition for the new pussy cat dolls lounge opening in august here in la. i made first cuts which was awesome cause they were cutting people like the cryps and bloods!

second cut .....eh not so much.....but its cool. i got over it. hahahah.

but the point of my story is the wardrobe of all the ladies at this audition.

we had

- full on sequins bras and underwear
- underwear
-mini ruffle skirts......my favorite.
-bra tops with hoods somehow attatched.
-hooker shoes/boots
- polka dot briefs OVER leggings???
-too many vaginas popping out
-pagent hair

wow. what an experience. a lot of ladies were busted out some splits at the end and boy was that a treat. i, in my chanelle fashion, wore an off the shoulder polka dot tanky thing, with high waisted jeans and a belt with mary janes......def not pcd but def chanelle-cd.

playstation shoot

heres some picts from the shoot. basically its a print ad and internet commercial for a new karaoke game coming out. for the shoot we basically kareoked/danced/jumped around/rolled around/jumped on the couch for 3 days straight 8 hours each woo! what a job eh?

they always had bomb food there in my opion. they had breakfast there which was awesome cause some shoots dont offer that.....i didnt partake cause i always ate at home prior. lunch was from this place called city kitchen in downtown and it was SOOO YUMMY!! it was central american food or something and they always had tons of veggies, yummy rice, beans, tofu, and then they had chicken beef or shrimp for the omnivores. yuuummmm. the only disappointment was the last day. not the best food for either meal...i was a little sad... u need to go out with a bang! heres a picture of the last day breakfast craig had.

heres craig sad that it was 7:30am

this was HALF of the walk to wardrobe and make up. it was AWFUL!!! the steepest most awful flight of stairs ive ever been on.

my wardrobe......aka scene girl. fun.

the random theater in the back yard


props...and no one did this on purpose either.




walkway to and from set/food/dan djing

i was trying to take more on set but it was kinda hard cause we were shooting and i didnt bring my camera the first day...but u get the idea. overall it was an awesome time and im stoked to see it! woo!



is any one else so confused??

if u didnt know season 5 of project runway aired tonight at 9.

did YOU know about this?

cause i defly did NOT!

this is me right now



oh man!

ive been on set filming a playstation internet commercial and print ad for the past 2 days

its been a good time but so tiring!!

playing sing star for 8 hours is draining let me tell you.

well tomorrows the last day, then friday pussy cat dolls lounge audition, then vegas on sunday.

updates will follow!


until then look at the shoes i got!


can we talk about this?



just throwing it out there



quote of the day

"i stay fresh like im wrapped in plastic"

-common in his new song which i dont know the name of


wow i havent updated in forever and that sucks. my motivation has been down the drain. ive also been kinda busy and not home but whatever. anyway

today we had a bbq for my grandpa and aunts birthday as well as 4th of july


chicken skewers-chicken, green, orange and yellow bell peppers, and onions.

marinated the chicken in homemade terriakyi.

veggie skewers: zucchini, squash, and cubes of french bread

(the cubes of bread were so bomb cause they were half crispy half soggy full of terriyaki. such a good idea...thanks vegandad.blogspot.com)

tangy mustard colslaw

gyozas from tj's

and calrose rice.


dessert- vegan vanilla chocolate marble cupcakes. so yummmmyyyyy.

today was a success woo!! it all paid off.

in other news i think im getting sick and it sucks.

in other other news.....i love money is so amazing.



updates soon