believe it or not these are from delias and urban..........I WISH I HAD MONEY!


fashion time! prt 2

miu miu resort 2008........not only are the clothes amazing (and those boots) but the model is gorgeous.

miu miu resort 2008

fashion time!

u know ur in the right field when a 3 hour class feels like 1 and ur general classes feel like 5.

Maxazria resort 2008 (its not all but my favorites)

so elegant and genious.

and these dope shades....i dont think ive posted them yet.

Rayban olympian III


in the sunnnnn havin fuunnn

on sat the rumble spun at the standard dowtown. it was a pool party during the day with free jello shots and water guns! it was actually really fun. keisha and my friend kyle came along and they had a blast too! i always love bringing people around and them having a good time, because i always have a blast and i just want everyone else to experience it too! me and keisha always have a good time anyway but ya!

anyway! we all got drunk, danced, went in the 100 degree pool, layed around, got DELICIOUS food (expensive! but worf it), got ice cream, played with water guns annnnnnnnnnnnd max bought me a drink after i asked him too and felt really bad slash rude.

here are the pics! more to come!

coming soon...fashion post. (havent done one of those in a while)

(photo cred- keishas cell phone camera believe it or not, and flickr.com/photos/brash77)


today sucks

today sucks.

i went to get my nails done.....i love them but what a different color.

i went to 4 places for a bathing suit.....i found nothing.

i finished christians tank top i made from scratch....it looks like shit.

i have school tomorrow....and i hate it.

i have homework i dont want to do.

its that time of the month i hate life right now and i want to stop having cramps.

th end.


arm pumping


more hush hush picssssss


friday the 13th

so we start off the evening being stopped on the 118 at topanga canyon.....right be for the exit so we conveniently couldnt exit......thanks to a man who desided to go hiking at 10 at night and got bit by a rattle snake. the really smart police men desided to stop traffic all togther cause they werent sure if they should air lift him or just get an ambulance.

lets talk about this.

by the time u get the hellicopter there, landed on the freeway, and air lifted up.....the ambulance would have came and left. not smart guys..not smart.

so i missed christians set......i was SOOOOOO pissed,frustrated,sad etc etc. but he wasnt mad or anything.....i actually think i was more sad than he was. but the rest of the night was fun! so many people came out it was AMAZING! you all made my night! sorry i was drunk and all over the place but it meant alot!

anyway here r the pictures! everyone killed it! so fun!

more pics to come

(photo cred thecobrasnake.com, kidpaparazzi.com)