this is fafis new sweater. she needs it cause she doesnt have all her hair yet so she shivers when the tempeture drops one degree. so dont give me shit about dressing up my dog. haha.

(i look retarded cause i was concentrating so hard on making her look at the camera.)

in other news everyone needs to check out this blog because its so amazing.

i dont want to spoil it....just look.

im kinda lazy to update this right now so this is it for now. k fanks.


heissssstyyyy crunk

first and foremost.. i found THIS on forever21.com............................................REALLY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

anyway....heres some pictures of the heist from thursday. not yesterday....last thursday. theres not many, but theyre kinda fun. i like pictures. heres what ive concluded from that night
1. christian is named best picture taker in my book.
2. craig is my bff
3. i like when craig and his friends yell random lyrics to a random song.
4. i love when my friends dj.
5. liz is amazing and buys me drinks .........and craig.....and john..
6. i drank jack on the rocks......3 of em. (but they were small) and i wasnt that drunk?
7. little kyle is a mini christian.

(photo cred kid paparazzi.com)


updates like mupdates

sooooooooo since weve spoken last i went....

to hush hush. silent night killllled it......and everyone else of course. there was alot of random people there, we were there for like 3 days it felt like, there were 15 photographers there, i lost sunny 500 times, they had a really tacky photoshoot of naked girls with tampon boxes on the flat screens, curly told me my photo was gonna be on cobrasnake, we had a photoshoot ourselves, the guy with the american flag was TOO much, annnnd we would sneak onto the stage to dance even tho we werent allowed to.....but we were allowed to stand.

this is dancing.


mike: ohhh my gosh, chanelle, look chanelle: i know, i know

i always get the good ones of russell

i got eaten by this flag...

awwww shit!

our best friend kyle...

im just trying some stuff...


then the next thing that stands out was dj paparazzi's party at safari sams. safari sams is alright, i dont love it i dont hate it, but this party was fun. i think its cause we were very important people and got wristbands to go in the "vip room" which contained free alcohol. always a wonderful suprise. this night consisted of people falling over speakers and me and mike laughing, a stupid hoooooooooo dancing in the front of the stage like it was a wet t-shirt contest, oh ya , and her eye lashes were so humongous it made her eyes even more squinty then they already were.....(yah it was that bad). i dont think ive every been so mad at a girl for just being retarded. but mike threw his drink on her...that relieved some stress. ummmmm thats all that comes to mind at this point in time. hahah.
mikes face is good.

this makes my blood pressure rise just looking at it. and to make it worse i didnt even know her hair was that nappy color. siiiick.

chirstian-evil dan-anime

some other exciting news in chanelle's life........new headshots, graduating in 3 weeks, possibly an internship, starting a new line with christian, and i found amazing bags, necklaces, and a skirt at target the other day.

this week its sarah morrisons bday party! that should be dope. everyone come and wish her a happy birthday!

(photo cred hush hush- kidpaparazzi.com, safai sams- redslurpeee.com)