my dogs

this is pico. she does cool things like plays dead, sits, jumps on ur lap, cuddles with u, chews ur things, snorts cause her nose is smushy, barks like dino from the flinstones, sticks out her tounge when shes sleepy, jumps really high, and looks at u cute. i tried to put her in a dress one time but she looked weird cause shes really buff.

this is hershy with pico. contrary to the common belief hes not eating her. theyre just playing.

these arent good stories. but theyre cute dogs. its the same.

my night at a jiggy club....

unfortunately i forgot my camera for this momentous occasion but here are...

highlights of my night....


-this fat girls dress that was halfway above her ass while me and ashley, confused, ask ourselves things like " cant she feel that?" and "how did she look in the mirror before she left and think, ok im ready lets go!"

- i went to the bathroom by myself at one point, i had to stand akwardly in the middle on the walkway because the line was so long. so this guy was trying to get past me as he exited the boys restroom and he says to me " exscuse me beautifull.............OH MY GOSH ur hott!!!!!"...........................classy.

- these two girls exit a stall (by this point im in the doorway) one of them cant even walk because she is so drunk (which was AWESOME) so they were walking out the door then i see them come right back. the drunk one continues to lean on one of the stalls and starts spitting like shes gonna throw up (at this point im thinking to myself THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD!!!!) her friend is like oh my gosh....and she proceeds to push open a CLEARLY occupied stall, pushes the girl out who was about to pee, (which im sure she waited an hour to get where she was) pushed her friend in so she could throw up and shut the door. the girl was so shocked she just got pushed out of the stall she waited for, that she just walked around in circles confused on what to do with herself and finally entered a newly vacant stall.

-i lit a cigarette and went to flick off the ash and dropped it in a drink on the table. i go to pick it up and burn my finger, shocked and dont know what to do ( much like the girl that got kicked out of her stall) i tell allison. im like "hey......look!!" and she picks it up and is like "its fine!" and im like "cool." i take a puff and alll this liquid comes rushing in my mouth. that was fun. i gave up and threw it away.

AND FOR THE FINALE..............

-we are sitting at daves because he came to pick us up to get us mcdonalds and his neighbor came over to hang out. he says " so i had my first date from e-harmony tonight" all of us akwardly sit there 1, we did NOT expect ANYTHING that just came out of his mouth,and 2, WHAT DO U SAY TO THAT??????? ........one of us says "howd it go?" he answers with "well she was a little fatter than i like but it was fine"

other than that......



-the pony

-laila showing us her vagina slash giving us tips on how to shave efficiently.

-allison saying i have nice boobs


-meeting really nice skanks that wouldnt be nice to me if they didnt meet me where they did.

-feeling like a lost child in a sea full of jiggy people outside of the club.

-getting in AHEAD of the sea of jiggy people. (and not paying)

-having bottle service i DID NOT pay for.

-finding street parking on a saturday night right down the street we also DID NOT pay for.

-just GETTING to the bathroom in a half hour.

-allison getting a drink ticket when we had free drinks.