i want the new phoenix album now

websites im into right now thanks to lacy:



im currently employed by:

preston -styling for new kids on the block (wish us luck cause we dont have a lot of time)

i dont post anymore because:

im too lazy

too much updates

and it makes me sad.

imma try i promise.

tomorrow is:

nick vic's bday pool party bash! annnnd coprus sample sale!

funny pic of the day:

the end! woo!


house of bread

sorry i havent updated in FOREVER! ever since i got twitter and facebook i never have the urge to. buuuut i do have the urge to tell you about this amazing bread place in chatsworth. they make homemade bread fresh daily, they make different breads on different days, they have everyday breads and they have regular white and wheat bread. its amazing. they also have sandwhiches served on their bread to eat. i get really stoked on family owned places and i think its important to support small business, besides how amazing is it to have homemade fresh bread everyday? so here it is.