ive been sewing for 6 hours.

i cant take it anymore.



summer times fun cause theres alot of options for cute outfits...unlike fall and winter (although they are my favorite months and i love baggy sweaters and what not) not so many options. anyway........these are some items i feel no girl should go without this summer...
first and foremost i predict yellow nail polish being a hit. sometimes i get this nitch about things...and this is one of them.(OPI)

OPI's koala berr-y

victorias secret bathing suit top.....31 G's....so cute.

urban outfitters swim suit....98 dolllaaa make u hollaa......not super ampted on the polka dots but i LOVE the style.

cuuuuuuuute dress by charolette ronson ......240.....too rich for my blood...but i can dream cant i?

ANY necklace from alexandchloe.com

bracelet from urban.....20 bones.

these DOPE guccis......260....unfortunately.

payless sandles....12.99....yup thats right.

and last but not least i am SUPER down for a high waisted bikini. i couldnt find any pics...maybe no ones on that tip yet but i think it would be rad.

i havent gone out in a while.....school took over my life.....but ill do these posts when i have nothing cool to talk about and i actually enjoy it. it gives my blog some substance and its not just like "look what i did this weekend" ja know? anyway feedbacks always welcome! have a good night!


dope ass glasses

there was a sea of amazing sunglasses but for this week i pick these....

cazal 869

alpina G82


i seriously wish i had enough money to just buy things whenever i want. booooooooooo.


clothes clothes clothes

so im really into one pieces lately heres some of my favorites. nothing designer.....i tried searching but the designers ones didnt do it for me. maybe i didnt look good enough. but i cant even afford designer so whatevs right?


american apparel

urban outfitters


american apparel

i also came across the chloe ready to wear for spring (which is right now) its so dope. here are some of my favorite pieces.

so freaking genious. i love chloe. anyway, their fall collection isnt as good.....lots of pleather, red and black are the main colors, still keeping the boxy shape (of course its what their known for), some nice coats, but thats it. not to impressed.

i also came across biba's collection...wasnt too impressed as well....for fall 2007. if u didnt know, biba was a famous store in london in the 60s where the girls all looked the same and spoke to no one, bad customer service, really snobby....basically ur present day abercrombie and fitch/hollister. but it worked for them....they were really infamous and their clothes were amazing! theres a book out called "the biba experience" ...........i have yet to get it but it looks dope. check it out!


annnnyyyywwaaayyyy heres the two things i LOVED out of the biba fall 07 ready to wear

and last but not least i checked out dsquared2.....also a favorite.....also not impressed by their fall 07 ready to wear. really hot topic-y..... lots of zippers, cargo pockets, leather, etc. but heres what i enjoyed.

ok well thats it for now. ill do some more browsing later. have a good weekend everyone.



sweaters for giants.

i stumbled across these crazy knits. ch ch ch check em.

Carolina Bergestein
Else Sylvan
Olya Ivanisevic



today we went to breakfast with christian and his brother. they are prolly the nicest most polite boys ive met. ANNNNNDDDDD i got up at 930.....thats right ladies and gentlemen, take note because i dont know if itll happen agian. after breakfast we met up with ron and kyle at the mall got some coffee etc.

yesterday....went to school had the shittyest day ever....tired out of my mind.....came home and s l e p t. funs.

i gave pico a photoshoot the other day and heres how it turned out. theme- sleepy.

i love my dog. its quite disgusting how much.


the cheetah stop

Last night we went go watch the rumble spin but it randomly got canceled, and we were let known as soon as we got off vine. the next best thing to do was go to cheetahs, a strip club in echo park that dj pubs was throwing a party at. (just take a second to take that sentence in right now)............ as soon as we got there it was impossible to get in........im sorry but how hard is it really to get into a strip club? anyway....we meet up with classy max and his cute gf, kyle, marissa and russ finally comes out to join us and we head out to short stop in echo park. me and mike encounter: 40 year old bartender, 3 drinks for $17, david zegar everywhere we turn, lesbians staring us down, a guy in dreads dancing crazy, dirty dave throwing his hands in the air while going cross eyed, a dj that was really bad at mixing songs, and the finale.......as we walk to our car two guys behind us singing cum-bay-yah as loud as they could for at least 10 minutes. not yelling.....singing. like they were ready for the next american idol auditions. they were prolly already signed up in fact........ now heres some pictures.
if u didnt know i have a double chin.

i like christian in this one.

(photo cred= shadowscene.com / my camera FINALLY I REMEMBERED! but it also reminded me how shitty my camera is....it was like the original cybershot.)