Barbie Gaga

Barbie decided to recreate Gaga's 25 most shocking outfits of the year. They did a good job.



I'm officially offended.

DOUBLE bacon and SIX cheese's?!

Do we really need an excess amount of both of those ingredients?

The best part is its in CELEBRATION of their website. Congrats America! Get more fat!! woo!!


An apology....

As I was going through  my comments on this blog I realized that people really did read it and that I abandoned you guys. I'm so sorry. When twitter came into my life I left and I should have never doubted you. You were good to me. So I ask you former readers...COME BACK! I'M ALIVE!

k thank you. I love you.

Liz's Birthday

 (outfit: Vintage leopard tank/dress, fur vest from Forever21, black tights, Lita shoes) 
Saturday was my beautiful friend, Liz's bday. We went to Shatto 39 Lanes in Korea town followed by Palihouse (R.I.P. Dan+Cam spinning there). I used our Yashica camera for this photo set and I'm still mad at myself for forgetting to bring it into Palihouse. Shatto 39 Lanes was awesome because it had an old school feel to it + a bar (win). I tried to bowl in my Litas but one of the employees got bummed and so did my boyfriend. Apparently the bowling shoes did nothing because I think my ending score was a 23. Double sad face. The night continued with tres de leche cake and drinks + good music @ Palihouse. :)


Thread Show LA

This weekend was the Thread show in LA. I was invited to attend Friday's closed event to view the show before the public and I must say it surpassed my expectations. I had never been to a Thread show before and I had no idea what to expect. I went in curious and came out wishing I had bought everything in the place. I was greeted by the lovely Danielle and further welcomed by all the down to earth, genuinely nice people in the booths.

 My purchases were as follows (picture above): 2 rings from Dennis Kaping out of San Diego, a pair of vintage Burberry sunglasses from the 70s, and a pair of vintage 90s black + tortoise deadstock sunglasses, both from Albert who owns Replay vintage in Silverlake. I'm not joking, I would have had 4 times that but with Christmas coming...it's a little tight. I also partook in a complimentary massage by Chiropractique, free wine tasting and took a photobooth pic by No Subject Los Angeles (picture above, the bf looks awesome btw). I wanted to get my nails done by Dipped Nails but it was a little hectic. There was also open bar and giftbags. :) Now lets get to the show....

The first booth I approached and was warmly welcomed into was Kathryn McCarron and Guevarra Arcega's
booth. The two are good friends that have two separate, exceptional lines and are now venturing into collaborating. Guevarra's line has a romantic, elegant vibe while Kathryns has an edgy, modern feel both complimenting each others in the best of ways. At the show I fell in love with Guevarra's Tan lace dress (shown above on the rack), the blazer shown above, and Kathryns black long sleeve knit dress. 
 I also got to see the product of their collaboration  which is a fabulous new shoe (pictured above) that will be out in January . Be on the lookout, I know i want them. 

 Dennis Kaping's booth was next in line. I was contemplating not even stopping because I saw rings and I knew I would want them all. All of them sterling silver, some had stones on them and some were simply silver but all of them were GORGEOUS. I'm really partial to amber so I was drooling over the ones pictured above. I wish I could have bought more but I can say that I couldn't be happier with my purchases. His website is in the works and should be up soon. Awesome guy and beautiful products.

We also passed by this remarkable vintage section, and you KNOW I was over there faster than you could say vintage. This woman had just started selling her private collection that has accumulated over the years, 3 weeks prior and I could not have been more envious of her inventory.  Vintage furs, hats, sequins, jewelry even FURNITURE! She was so sweet and I really hope she got good sales this weekend. 
Albert was up next with his ridiculous vintage sunglasses collection. Thread was killing me softly I swear. We must have spent a good half hour at his table trying on numerous sunglasses all styles and eras.

I really wanted these Lanvin's from the 70s (pictured above) especially after all this hype with his H&M collab but I stuck with the green Burberry's (also pictured above).  He was so rad and you could tell he really loved what he did which is always lovely to see. He has a store in Silverlake called Replay Vintage so check it out.

Straight from the South of France is a wonderful, family owned jewelry line with much meaning and superior quality. Lou Lou Bijoux is the sole distributor bringing elegant unique jewelry to the US. At Thread I got to view the most current collection, BRIN D'AMOUR which translates to "piece of love"  and I fell in love.  I was partial to the Biscuit necklace and with the Bolt bracelet (which i apologize there is no pictures of). All of their items have a saying on them or meaning behind them which is what's so charming about the line. Another thing that was admirable about Lou Lou Bijoux is it's a friend helping out a friend with great confidence in the product.

There were a lot of jewelry booths at Thread and I wasn't mad at it. A girl can never have too much of shoes and jewelry I always say. The other jewelry booth that stood out to me was Tiffany Kunz's. I was already impressed with the designs but when she told me her and her assistant make all of it in house I was blown away. All of her pieces besides 1, are one of a kind which is truly hard to come by. She was showing me her  AMAZING Valentines day collection, Cadence, in which you give her the sound byte of your choice and she makes it into a necklace or earrings. The sound byte can be anything from a sentence someone says to a song, and its all on your neck or ears. Unquestionably creative. I'm upset I don't have a picture of it but I'm sure it will be up on her site early next year.
To conclude our fun little trip to Thread was Turtle Scarf. Not only is the name cute and the logo even cuter, the product is genious. Turtle Scarf = scarf + hood + turtleneck. It'll keep you warm, step up your accessory game and give you an extra layering piece as well. Fun! I was partial to the buffalo plaid one but sadly it didn't have a hood. :( Really cute idea and fun products.

(Outfit: Evil Twin leggins, vintage polka dot off the shoulder blouse from my grandma's closet, a black cape from Forever21 and my Litas)
That pretty much concludes my Thread Show experience. I loved hearing everyone's stories and seeing the breathtaking amount of talent that filled the hidden donwntown LA wharehouse. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to attend next year. I hope all my winners had a fabulous time and thanks to everyone for participating in The Penelope Times x Thread contest. :) 

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