hopefully me and christian can make it to coachella this weekend- theres dope parties that we can attend and tickets our friend is giving away so i hope it works out!

in other news i found out what is wrong with my heart and why im getting anxiety. i have mitral valve prolapse. its where the valve in my heart is either too big or the strings attatched are too long, so it makes an extra sound. and its linked to anxiety so thats why ive been getting anxiety attacks! so exciting!

last but not least i was reserching style.com for my hw last night and i came across these amazing jackets. take a look. theyre all different designers and i didnt write down the names but ya.



its been a while.....well maybe thats because ive been in a cave doing illustrator homework and sewing everyday of my life. hmmm sounds lke something really cool to write about.

anyway....i highly suggest buying nylon magazine, reading page by page and looking up all the designer's websites. that took up about 2 hours of my life last night, it was awesome. it was such good research and it opened my eyes to new designers. i dont have a favorite so it was helping me find one.

anyway.... hopefully ill do something soon, despite the anxiety attacks im getting anxious to go out, haha.

the end.

OH! and i found someone who can get me these for 40% off. WHHHHAAATTT!!!



this week consisted off:

a narly sinus infection that WONT go away.

and anxiety attacks.

the end.