curlys bday party!

on thursday we stopped by curlys bday party and rhonda. gooooood times. me and mike desided to theme ourselves physical fitness. it was a great turn out for curlys, he looked amazing, and he deserved the best bday ever and i think he got it! heres some pics cause i like my outfit. HAHAHA

huuush huuuuush

last night was hush hush. im not gonna go into details....heres the highlights.

-it was in a cat toy factory.
-in crenshaw.
-there were file cabinets, desks, and pictures of cats everywhere.
-90s dancinf
-a kid on e who wouldnt stop moving
-laura got molested by a group of GIRLS.
-good music of course.
-christian: guys, theres an upstairs. (then walks away)
-the scare of a gunman there but it was really a guy who lives down the street who was standing outside his house with a gun in case anyone peed on his lawn.
-moms and dads galore for the band.
-i ran into someone i worked at hollister with......so random.
- i said that one of the cats on file needs a "catscan"
- a fight broke out between a oager girl and a short guy. he was pushing her, she was screaming and crying while towering over him and he just still was like WHAT!!! as he looked up to her.
-chanelle to christian chico: hey what cha doin
christian chico: oh just walking off my alcohol.
-baga singing "hey chanelle, how ya doin today....89 cents is what were gonna pay....."
-me and laura being the welcoming/bathroom welcoming committee
-chanelle: christian, someone has a gun!
chanelle: (not amused)

heres some pictures for ur enjoyment...more on thecobrasnake.com

no more olympics :(


i LOOOVVVEEE the olympics!!!! now its back to normal reality tv crap. blah.

im gonna re watch all of it thats on my tivo every night to deal with my depression.


so i was thinking about how much i hate americas got talent commercials showing the upcoming season. and my absolute least favorite part of them (besides the whole thing) is this-

judge: you are absolutely the best in this competition.
performer: (crying) omg, thank you SO much!!!

ok, your judges are DAVID HASSELLHOFF , SHARON OSBORNE, and that random guy from england?! why are u so elated slash honored? I have more street cred then they do!!

not to mention that that show has NO talent, and i feel like its a white trash version of american idol.

ok im done.



welp ladies and gentlemen its confirmed. IM GOING TO TAIWAN!!!!!!

oh man, so many emotions right now. first of all im super sad to leave christian, and really scared.

but then im so excited to get a free trip out there to dance with my friends. so awesome. i guess it doesnt get better than that!

i just need to pray about this man! lord give me strength to go and keep me safe!!!

the end.


heyyyyyyyyyy everyone.

so this week i found out that i may go to taiwan for 2 weeks to dance for a new artist! im so stoked! ive never been out of the country

im also stoked to have free travel, get to do what i love, and get paid for it. so awesome.

theyre still figuring out details so im not for sure for sure but it seems like its happening!

in other news we went to my lovely curlys birthday party, then off to rhonda. highlights:

-me and mike in our physical fitness theme.....him in leggings me in a leotard and tights.
-going to curlys thinking well be dressed fine but were definitely overdressed.
-jamie telling jason the directions to where we were going cause she was that detail oriented when she was talking to him. (hes in san diego)
-mike purchased boots from target, in a size 11 in womens and definitely wore those bitches.
-jamie texting me before we left "i hope were not wearing the same thing" my answer.....we are definitely NOT wearing the same thing.
-the photobooth at curlys party which basically was a photoshoot.
-jamie leaving her purse EVERYWHERE
-cactus smelling worse than if ever has.

another good night. tonight me and christian are gonna go get some dinner with c-2 and craig my bff. then idk.

but SATURDAY! everyone should go to this cause its gonna be tiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!


myspace is racist

fun times!



can we talk about real food daily. because it is DEFINITELY amazing. today after a casting i went to i remembered that i was close it, soo i called a couple people and no one could meet up with me so i just went by myself. i wanted it that bad. its organic vegan food and it is delish!!! i highly recommend everyone going, heres the site


they also have sunday brunch that sounds amazing. i got this today

Special Of The Month:
Mexico City Tacos (wheat-free)
Tofu, red chili bean and vegetable filled tacos, chipotle vegan cheese, avocado, fiesta rice, agave glazed plantains

omg it was ridiculous. i definitely finished the plate which put me over the edge of full-ness. im now obsessed.



whats going on with twitter.

it seems lame and pointless but everyones obsessed.

share your thoughts im contemplating.......

catch up time

hello hello!

sorry ive been so awful about updating this thing. idk everything in my night life area is in a rut........no good parties, no good stories, no good weeklys. we just chill. which is fine...i kinda miss going out but theres no where id really wanna go right now anyway? idk.

work wise things have been good. got some auditions and im hoping that they keep on comin!

other than that nothing has really come to mind that has been blog worthy. so i apologize for the lame posts lately. things will pick up soon i promise.

right now its 10pm and i want to sleep...we got up at 530am to go on a boat and just got home at 7. we also stopped by my dads for dinner and hanging out time for his birthday. im EXHAUSTED!!

anyway...tomorrow audiiton then working for the mom. prolly cook some dinner and then hang out wif chrissy poo.

ok i better stop now this blog is so BORING!!!!!


best away message ever

" His Royal Fatty, Curly, will NOT eat--until THE RICKI LAKE SHOW is back on!!! HUNGER STRIKE 2008!"

love curly



lately ive been really stoked on fall and all the outfit possiblities. urban outfitters most rescent caatalogue has great outfits btw. ANYWAY my good friend mike phan introduced me to a couple of websites and i want all of these really bad and theyre actually affordable. woo!! enjoy!


OMGZ olypmics

have you been watching the olympics?

im so obsessed!!! ive never been interested and this year its all ive been watching!

yay olympics!!

i love bucca di beppo

last night christians parents wanted to take my mom out for her birthday. so we all went to bucca di beppo. and if you didnt know I LOVE BUCCA DI BEPPO!!!!! so that was excited. sorry for the ridiculous amount of pictures, we just got a new camera so we were goin to town! oh and hteyre totally out of order. so just think of it like a game im giving to you, put the pictures in order. :)